Post-NaNo Update: Nuts and Bolts

AKA in a scene I’m currently writing, Church just visited a hardware store….

Fixed two small original problems, but a lot of the previously identified problem areas are still in the text. I’ve found some new problems around those old areas, and fixed most of them; one fix (with, yes, the hardware store) is currently in progress. With luck these bits will nail down certain behaviors of the monsters in question, making some of the sticky parts easier to write. They’re also dragging in certain recurring minor characters here and there, so hopefully people won’t have to wonder “what happened to X after the last book?”

The text is currently over 105 K words, and there’s still more to add. Even with at least 10 pages of that being notes, good night. This is going to be dense.

Then again, A Net of Dawn and Bones covered a bit more than 24 hours. Seeds of Blood is going to cover two weeks, including Halloween. (And a smidge beyond in the epilogue.)

And there is a lot. A lot. Of folklore stuff in here.

Which is why Church is at a hardware store. Finding… bits of things. That might come in handy. After all, if you’re not exactly sure what you’re up against, a practical person grabs a bit of everything a monster might be vulnerable to.

Meaning this scene neatly explains where she got something she uses to beat the heck out of a monster about 10 pages later. Mind, I’d had it explained in the rough, but now I have details. Whew!


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