Post-NaNo Update: One Problem slain, more to go….

Finished a sticky scene!

Now, finally, I have a smooth flow of events between two large sections of the text. I’m still missing a scene that comes several pages before that, and I need to write some specific scenes after – but at least one scene in the middle of all that is set!

…I have no idea why this scene was so darn hard and stubborn to write, but at least it’s done.

And it managed to bring up some minor characters, some logical progressions of “current events” in the story, and a fair bit of local color. Including some ecology….

What? Didn’t you know ecology is important to Hunters? 😉 After all, if you’re looking for walking trees, you need to know what regular trees look like!

Not to mention walking trees vs. vampires, oh, that’s an image…..


14 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: One Problem slain, more to go….

  1. In one of my favorite Forgotten Realms books, a swamp tree that flings putrefying needles took down the undead that was menacing the heroes (who were not adventurers, but _did_ manage to duck in time). It was both awesome and one of those great “mention it twice, and you can use it to solve the final confrontation” things.

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    1. Meh, even then. It’s not as easy to catch wood on fire as you may think, especially if it’s a living, healthy tree and the amount of accumulated underbrush has been managed properly so it’s a healthy forest. Yes, it’s _possible_ but a simple flamethrower may not be quite enough for the effect they want.

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      1. Unless it’s a fictional type of tree, those erupt into flames if the hero looks at them the right way. Or the flamethrower is one of those military-grade, illegally modified ones like in the Dresden Files. *Shrugs* All sorts of ways for the vampires to win, really.

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