Monstrous Compendium Ch1 bit – Buggy

Deliberately, Kirito closed his Skills list. And forced a smile. “I think I found a bug.”

Even the best beta-tester hadn’t gotten past the eighth level. <<Stheno’s Cave>> was well beyond that. And <<The Lonely Gorgon>> was a complicated quest. You had to be able to sneak. You had to be able to fight. You had to be able to recognize and slip past the <<Magical Wards>> on the <<Scarlet Wizard’s Library,>> and then you had to be able to read enough <<Common>> and <<Draconic>> to puzzle out which of the ancient tomes was his <<Bestiary.>> And then you had to put together tales, rumors, and Stheno’s own words to figure out something that might work, and search the wilderness for <<Obsidian Shards>> a mage-crafter could polish into protective lenses. Which required the Survival Skill, at a level most people just didn’t have yet. He wouldn’t have leveled it nearly this high so early, if the first Martial Arts Skill quest hadn’t somehow led to a continuing quest line. Every few levels, he’d run into his old teacher again, and Vincent Valentine was a ghost in the wilderness.

You needed all of that. And all the while you had to be devious, so the locals wouldn’t realize you were trying to be friendly with the man-eating medusa outside town….

Except the Bestiary said medusas didn’t eat people. Stheno was a killer, yes. Cannibal monster, no.  The Scarlet Wizard had to know that.

So why does everyone think she is?

Something to worry about later. The key problem here was, he’d completed a quest meant for an entire adventuring party. And somehow, the developers had missed the possibility that a solo might do it.

The Sorcery Skill should have been dumped on a magic-user, Kirito thought ruefully. But I was the only one here. So….

What a mess.


26 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch1 bit – Buggy

  1. If I remember my DnD correctly, isn’t sorcery the one that awakens the magical power inherent in your bloodline? Because that could be…messy with Kirito’s “I’m human dammit!”

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    1. Depends on which version of d&d. But most of them have that you don’t technically have to have been born with partial magical-creature-ancestry to be a potential sorcerer, the first of the “bloodline” can gain the “bloodline” through mere interaction with a powerful entity (god/spirit/elemental/etc), artifact, or magical location. Among the variants in some versions and settings of d&d are:
      1) powerful magical race ancestor (usually dragons, but also demons, elementals or gods)
      2) powerful magical class ancestor (sometimes, just having a sufficiently powerful wizard ancestor is enough)
      3) magical adoption by powerful magical entity (this one is usually into an existing sorcerous bloodline)
      4) being “gifted/empowered” by sufficiently powerful entity (usually gods, tho some lesser entities, can simply gift a sorcerous bloodline directly)
      5) merely being around a powerful magical entity regularly and getting lucky (any magical entity, whether creature, artifact, location, or plane might “corrupt” those who spend too much time in proximity to them, and a sorcerous bloodline can be the result)
      6) certain types of quests (some settings/versions of d&d have quests for changing race/class/etc, and in the fluff describe gaining of sorcerous bloodlines among other possibilities)
      7) lucky/unlucky accidents with magic (rods of wonder and similar items, spells, and effects, as well as magical misfires, can, if using the right tables and in the right settings, result in sorcerous bloodlines)
      These are the variations I can remember off-hand, tho there’s probably others. Note that only the first two of these require stuff of the ancestors of the “first generation” of the bloodline, while all the others allow the potential for the bloodline to appear in an adult due to stuff the character himself experiences. Also note that most of the options don’t technically require “you change into a non-human” unless the setting-fluff specifies that, instead leaving the possibility of “you’re still human, just with additional power or skill”.

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  2. On the one hand, he’s basically dead on about basically all of it.

    On the OTHER hand, I have a very sneaking suspicion that while it has all of the classic (and obvious, to the sufficiently Genre Savvy) marks of being for an Adventuring Party (caps deliberate) quest, this is made by Kayaba. I can totally see Kayaba looking in on all the beta testers, finding Kirito (because there is no way that our favorite Genre Savvy Munchkin would not get Kayaba’s attention) and taking a quest designed for an Adventuring Party and making it perfectly complete-able for a solo (if it wasn’t possible in the first place, just really difficult) just for him.

    Also, what’s the level curve like? If it’s more on the D&D side of things, (capping out at twentieth level) then eighth level is basically end of early-game/beginning of mid-game content. AKA probably enough time for Kayaba (and/or his partner from Eberron) to atke a liking to Kirito, and be more then happy stack more things on to the guy to see how far he can push the boundaries.

    Thus I’m betting that the response is going to boil down to “It’s not a Bug, it’s a Feature.” Also, I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans Kirito gets up to as a FIghter (or one of the other martial classes) that gets Sorcery.

    (gonna leave it off there until I can get the context of around this snippet, especially the aftermath, because if I don’t I can and will write a small essay at you about it. All the digressions @.@)

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    1. We’ve seen no real signs of dungeon and player levels being different from SAO canon. Level eight is probably a reference to the level of Aincrad Kirito managed to get to in the Beta.

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    2. There are 100 total floors in Aincrad, and in D&D 2oth level tends to be “epic”. So… I basically divided it up so 5 game floors = go up one D&D level equivalent.

      Now, given the surviving players have been very careful, they’re usually higher levels than most things they run into. Most. 😉

      And there will be plenty of shenanigans. *EG*

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      1. Ah, okay. I didn’t make the connection of 8th level to 8th floor, guess I was a little stuck on the D&D terminology, considering that’s how they phrase it. Still means that there has been plenty of time for Kirito to get the attention of… certain interested parties *wink*

        Now I have to ask, how are Sword Skills gonna be treated, or would that be considered spoilers? ‘Cause you can make an argument that the Swordsage, Warblade, and Crusader have something very similar. (Book of Nine Swords rulebook for D&D 3.5)

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      1. I’ve just got this mental image of Vincent in full FFVII equipment looking back over his shoulder to find a puppy!Kurito (Elucidor being carried like a bone optional) happily following along behind him, tail wagging a mile a minute. And Vincent’s expression screaming, “This is all. Areth’s. Fault.”

        Times like this I wish I could draw. *snickers in glee*

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      2. So Vincent dumps Kirito on Cloud first chance he gets, especially since Cloud has been quietly brooding that he had no one to share his love of swords with. “Here you go. Someone to teach that insane multi-sword attack to. Now leave me alone.”

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      1. *G* It’s the scruffy never-say-die. Plus the fact that Kirito tries to think his way through problems, and only kill things as a last resort.

        …Granted, when it’s swords-out, he’s very enthusiastic.

        (And sometimes later wonders what he was thinking…!)

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  3. Thinking Final Fantasy Mystic Knight.Blades infused with magic.Example:Firaga Sword casts Firaga, resulting in sword strikes being Fire-elemental w/o Mp usage.

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