Post-NaNo Update: Bridging Scenes

Currently writing a scene about chapters 7 to 8 in Seeds of Blood, that should give some depth and detail to what our heroes know about the monsters, and what they’re really up to. Once I get it done, I should have all the needed scenes in order for the first 167 pages of the rough; the draft is currently about 255 pages, total.

When this scene is done, I’ll still have about… nine problem areas to fix. One of which is a fairly big and complicated battle scene. But given I had over 15 problems, this is progress. 🙂

Also, it can be tricky to fix problems later in the draft when there’s still missing bits in the early part of the story. Once you have it pretty set what your characters – and readers! – do and do not know, writing the later bits is a little simpler. So hopefully getting this scene done will be a keystone that makes fixing everything else possible.

One of the questions that’s been coming up in this story is, what makes someone a Hunter?

It’s not just knowing the monsters are out there. This is a Broken Masquerade world; everyone knows there are monsters. (They don’t know about all the monsters, but that’s another matter.) It’s not just having lost something to the supernatural – although that’s often one of the factors. It’s not just wanting to help; Father O’Malley, good guy that he is, is definitely not a Hunter. And his actions – and choices to not act – have repercussions, both in the characters’ past, and present.

So far of all the characters, there are three defined Hunters in the story. One, of course, is Myrrh. There are also a handful of characters who might be called Hunters by the media… though most of what they’ve done is vigorous self-defense. Those include Aidan and Church. They’re going to have decisions to make. It’s going to be messy.


2 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Bridging Scenes

  1. I’m sorry, I see Hunter in this context and all I hear is the Supernatural quote “You know, saving people, hunting things. The family business.”

    Doesn’t help define “what’s a Hunter” but it does make me smile.

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