Monstrous Compendium Ch1 bit – Finding a Way

I can win back lost levels. I’m not going to give up my self. “I have allies who have taken up magic since we were brought here,” Kirito said quietly. “They’re different now. It’s hard to describe.” His hands curled, fighting not to become fists. “It’s as if they forget they can solve their problems any other way. As if they think they were born to it, and just remembering, and it’s our world that’s becoming the dream. I-” He stopped. Took a deep breath. “My family is waiting for me. I won’t let them become strangers.” Not twice. Not again. “I will go anywhere in this world to defeat the Ebon Wolf and win us free. But I’ll do it with this sword.”

Stheno’s shoulders slumped. “Is that your choice, then?”

“Yes.” The AI probably wouldn’t get this, but he had to say it to someone. “What good is all the magic in the world, when one bite from a wererat….”

He couldn’t go on. He hadn’t had to kill a turned player to protect himself, not yet. Not directly. But he had led one luckless maddened soul through a nest of Venus Man-traps. That lonely, raging howl, cut off by crunch and snap

“There were no shamans in the City of Beginnings?” Stheno frowned. “And of course, there were no Moonswords. There have never been many, and we lost the few that survived in the Last War.”

The Last War. He could hear the pain and fear of it in her voice. But the hint was too valuable to pass up. “Shamans can help? I know they can cure wounds, but – lycanthropy?”

“If an infected soul is brought to them in time,” Stheno stated. “It’s not a minor evocation. The shaman must have a strong helper spirit, even to cleanse an infected bite. To cure one the curse has fully taken – that needs the most powerful of spirit-workers. And even they may fail.”

Kirito swallowed, mind racing. I have to tell Argo this. Get player shamans talking to the NPCs. If there are high-level NPC shamans willing to help us-!

“But before the Last War bled us,” Stheno went on, “while we still sought to rein in errant lycans, unaware of the depths of the Ebon Wolf’s evil… we found another way.”


8 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch1 bit – Finding a Way

      1. >Which will lead to Kirito figuring out she is not an AI.>
        Which will very likely lead to some tense discussions and strained interactions.

        Because despite her actions, she was still ultimately working with Kayaba/Beniryuu. Sure she wasn’t aware of precisely what he pulled in regards to kidnapping children and what he set up but yeah…….

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  1. If I see it correctly, Kirito lost some levels when gaining magic. Of course, we only see snippets, but the first line somehow brings xp loss/cost to mind. I am curious what happens when the players realize they are in a different, and real, world. (Kirito will at least realize that something does not add up during this quest).

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