Earring Tales: Shades of Dawn

Thanks to everyone who commented on my first attempt at a gradient!


Lighter colors at the bottom, check. Did my best to compare beads on cloth before sewing. And I think the colors work together. 🙂

…The pattern for these is a lot simpler than you’d think, but keeping track of which color you’re picking up can be tricky. I find I pull it off best if I put beads in two rows; for example, first row piles of colors 1, 3, and 5, second 2, 4, and 6. That way beads near each other aren’t as close in color and are less easily confused.

The silk-finish beads (next-to-last row of yellow and the top pink) are lovely in person but a real bear to photograph! They change color with any shift of light.

Dawn Gradient Earrings


17 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Shades of Dawn

  1. These are really pretty! I love the colors. And the gradient looks better.

    Although I think the bottom yellow and the second yellow from the bottom might look better swapped? That might be More Fun With Lighting, though.

    …I kinda wish I wore earrings, now. Stupid fear of needles.

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    1. On the one hand, getting your ears pierced doesn’t have to involve needles. When I had mine done (Caveat – many, many years ago), the piercer used a little gun into which the stud was fitted, and it basically shot the stud into the back of the earring, with my earlobe in the middle. So there are no needles to see.

      … I realize this may not make the procedure sound less frightening. Sorry. It’s fast though.

      If you live somewhere that has proper winter cold, then get your ears pierced during the winter and go play in the snow for an hour immediately afterwards. It really brings down the swelling and numbs any pain. Just make sure to keep the tops of you ears covered. Frostbite Bad.

      On the other hand, they do still make earring closures for non-pierced ears – usually a hinged clasp or something with a screw-back, and it’s usually not difficult to switch out hooks for a pair of those (or vice versa). The only problem would be finding a clasp that complements the shape of the earring dangle.

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      1. They do make clip-ons, and I have them in silver-plated if anyone wants them, but Feather Blade’s right about clasps being… not the best for blending with earring shapes. Any earring shapes. Argh.


  2. So pretty! I don’t have the right coloring for these or I’d bid on them, I lost the last set because I was at work and couldn’t watch the bids. I missed it by ten minutes.

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