Monstrous Compendium Ch1 bit – Wolf bite

Werewolves. Klein gutted the last <<Werewolf Guardsman>> with a snarl, not listening to the cheers start as the <<Limping Werewolf Lord>> was destroyed. Because Kunimittz was down, Kunimittz had been bitten, and if Issin couldn’t heal him….

Fuurinkazan gathered around their fallen man, and waited for the verdict. Klein could already see it wasn’t good. The curly-haired tank’s icon had gone dire orange, and his HP kept fluctuating between green and yellow, despite their bakeneko shaman’s hissed spells.

Klein gulped, and prayed. Despite what everybody had seen on Opening Day, lycanthropic infection wasn’t quite as fast-moving as Kayaba had portrayed it. The reality was more than nasty enough. It was a DOT, and if you didn’t get it completely, it kept gnawing at you….

If it goes red, we’ve lost him.

Klein went to one knee and gripped Kunimittz’ whole hand. “Hang in there. You fight, got it? We’re going to beat this.”

From the way Issin’s black-furred ears flattened against his head, they all knew he was lying.

Damn it. I wish we’d all asked that nekomata now.

But the two-tailed cat youkai had only been interested in their shaman. And even if the offer had been made, the thought of living in the game as something not quite human was spooky….

Only spooky beat monster any day of the week. His guild trusted him to lead them, to make the right call – and damn it, this wasn’t fair.

Kunimittz glanced at his own HP bar, and swallowed hard. “Guys? Do me a favor.”

“Kun,” Klein said warningly, gripping his katana hilt. Damn it, he could hear someone running this way. If the other guilds knew Kunimittz was about to turn-

The tank’s smile was bleak. “Get me to the edge before I go nuts, okay?”

Hell. It made sense, damn it; once a bitten player’s HP went red they were pretty much dead anyway. The system took over and tried to make them bite everyone.

But not Kunimittz. Not one of his guild, damn Kayaba to hell!

“Leader.” Kunimittz’ voice sank. “Klein, please. Damn it, I’m not going to take you guys down too-”

“If you give up now,” a familiar voice growled, “I’ll kill you myself!”



30 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch1 bit – Wolf bite

  1. On one hand, yay looks like Kirito’s saga as a Moonsword is about to begin.

    On the other hand if this gets out before Argo and co can spin the facts properly, I’m seeing Beater style accusations and resentment.

    Because if he could save one of Fuurinkazan, why didn’t he tell people about the class sooner/save XYZ etc?

    Now this may seem petty, short-sighted and stupid, but well people are people.

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      1. I can see over time a good chunk of the Youkai Lords arguing over who gets to offer adoption to Klein.

        Because that mentality/skill/talent is rare, useful and they want it for themselves when the simulation ends..

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      2. >Oh yes. Not the least bit ominous at all. /end deadpan>
        Well we’ve already seen examples of the insanity the two groups can get into together. Or at least the insanity Vathara likes tossing them into because of all the pretty explosions that result:

        “You took one of Kirito’s shortcuts?” Kunimittz snickered. “I thought you learned after the one with the Mon Calamari in the sushi shop.”

        “Okay, that was a mistake,” Kirito admitted.

        “Or the sarlacc nest.” Dynamm shuddered, his space pirate’s mustache bristling.

        “It ate the rancor, didn’t it?”

        “Or riding the thantas through the Mandalorian revival meeting.” Dale winced.

        “Can you think of anything else that would have had enough firepower to take down that gorog?”

        “We’re trying not to think about it,” Issin snarked at him. “Jedi are crazy.”

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      3. >…no Mandalorians this time? *Halo*>

        My first response is “You say that like it’s an improvement.”

        Because I can totally see MCO!Kirito and CF!Kirito agreeing that Mandalorians would be preferable to Lycanthropes. Also, the argument between the two over which got better (pseudo)magic powers would be hilarious. (I don’t know/can’t remember if Eberron magic would allow for something like the Force Bond CF!Kirito and CF!Asuna have. If it doesn’t, that would probably be the deciding factor right there)

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      4. >(And their relationship will be fluffy. Ahem. *EG* )>
        I agree with ultimaflare0. Their relationship was always fluffy.

        The only way to make it more fluffy (aside from dropping Yui into the mix), would be to make one or both of the pair naturally fluffy.
        There is no good Kitsune+Asuna art (preferably with nine big fluffy tails) to be found.
        Internet, you have failed me.

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      5. >I suspect Asuna may have gone yuki-onna, and Klein were-tiger.>
        Thing we have to remember that per canon, Asuna really wanted to escape SAO. So I can her mentality involving Youkai adoption being somewhat similar to Kirito’s.

        So if she does take that dive, it will be for a very important (and potentialy life-saving) reason and not just ‘gain useful fight buffs’ etc.

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  2. I think all ‘unadopted’ Clearers will get such arguments… would be interesting to see them all. and with the darker side…someone might want to adopt from Laughing Coffin as well.

    I do wonder, will only the players end up adapting to Ebberon later, or will they bring some of their own traditions and ieas, technological progress with them? will there be any technological uplifting? any attempts at unions/democracy/ public welfere-or any other modern earth concepts?

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      1. > Well, I know what Beniryuu intends – and I know the players are out to spike his plans. So it’ll get interesting.>
        Beniryuu: “Why are you trying to stop me? This is all for the Greater Good!”

        I won’t post the Players responses to statement here since we’re trying to keep this family friendly.

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    1. Might as well ask if the players are going to bring totalitarianism, technocracy (which includes modern eugenics), and Mao and Pol Pot style mass murder.

      Also, Democracies and Republics are not modern, they are ancient. They have a key foundational feature in common; an effective army or other military force whose composition is essentially the voters. Modern prevalence or apparent prevalence has two causes. One is firearm developments, which made possible an effective army that more or less overlaps with all adult males of a society. The second is fad and fashion.

      1) I’d be surprised if the assumptions of Eberron were significantly more conducive to such armies being most effective than D&D in general. 2) As far as I know, ACKS is probably the best for matching mechanics, economics, armies fielded, and form of government.

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      1. any attempts at unions/democracy/ public welfere-or any other modern earth concepts?

        Plus it’s not really necessary.

        I’m too lazy to look up Eberron right now, but any setting that is Earth-medieval-equivalent, or even Earth-Renaissance-equivalent is going to have guilds, monastic hospitals (for everything from foundlings to geriatrics) or the civil equivalent, and charity (again, religious or civic) for those completely unable to work.


      2. I understand that Eberron is more modeled on the 1880s or 1920s, except with magitech instead of tech.

        Whether settings have that probably depends on the GM/author, what they understand about the historical societies, and what they choose to assume.

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  3. Regarding the Youkai lords’ arguments becoming moot… is their number going to suddenly increase by (at least) one? *EG*

    Also, nice Big Damn Hero moment, Kirito.

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