Post-NaNo update – Bridging Scene Roughed

*Thud* Got a pair of scenes roughed that together bridge two bits of the first half of the book.

Those two scenes totaled about 2800 words. Yikes. No wonder it took a while.

But with those scenes added, I now have a clean sweep of events through the first about 172 pages of what’s currently a 260-page (108K words) rough draft.

About nine problem areas left to hit. Some are small; others, not so small. I’ll probably try and tackle some of the small ones first, to get them out of the way. The big battle scene will probably need multiple tackles/breaking down into smaller bits.

But for the rest of tonight… Zzzzzz…..



6 thoughts on “Post-NaNo update – Bridging Scene Roughed

  1. Yay! We very much appreciate all the work you put into your stories, both fanfic and original, and thank you for letting us peak at your progress.

    Hope you had a good Easter! Or at least a good Sunday.

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