Monstrous Compendium Ch1 bit – Argo Bulletin

Bite and leaves shattered and vanished, leaving unmarked skin behind.

“What’s going on over there?” Thinker came through the gathering crowd, a contingent of relieved Army guys behind him. “Is something wrong?”

Thinker, not Kibaou. Good. Klein was in a mood to hit someone, and if it’d been the idiot loudmouth he wouldn’t have had the will to hold back. “Nothing’s wrong. Now.” I hope. “Issin?”

“It worked.” The shaman sagged in relief. “Kunimittz. You’re okay.” Black ears perked up. “What was that stuff?”

Kirito paled. “You didn’t hear Argo’s shout?”

“She has a new bulletin,” Thinker nodded, as Fuurinkazan looked at each other. “It came in just before the boss fight. I checked for keywords, there was nothing on this level’s boss-”

Kirito buried his face in his hands. “Read it.”

Klein eyed his solitary buddy, and flipped through his own menu until he got to his messages. That was the kind of tone that usually came with sharp edges piercing you somewhere painful.

Argo Alert – New Bulletin, read the simple message header. The bulletin itself was a good ten pages. No wonder people had skipped reading it right way, if there wasn’t anything on the boss-

A screen capture of familiar dark leaves. <<Shaman’s Fingerprints.>> Must be found with Magesight. Bonus on save vs. infection. Augment for Heal spells, vs. infection.

Oh. Oops.

Thinker’s eyes went wide. “There’s a cure?”

“There’s a treatment.” Kirito lifted his head, hands dropping to his sides. “Shaman’s Fingerprints isn’t powerful, but it’s easy to activate. You don’t need magic to use it. Though using it to augment a Heal makes the save better.” He materialized more leaves out of his inventory, handing them to the astonished guild leader. “Argo has seeds. The last I heard, she’d found a farmer on level 10 who’s going to try growing them.”

Thinker took the herbs, eyebrows almost brushing curly hair. “A second chance… how did anyone find this?”

Kirito shrugged. “Ask Argo. The herb likes woodland glades. She said something about the developers having a ginseng fixation.”

Klein blinked, and did his best not to let surprise show on his face. Ask Argo, my foot. This was rare info, the kind that could change the whole game. Argo wasn’t going to sell who found it in case Kibaou and other morons started screaming about Beaters keeping life-saving secrets again-

Oh. I’m an idiot.

Rare, game-changing info. And Kirito had been gone for days. On a quest.

Damn it, no wonder he’s being shifty. If people know it’s him – ouch.


18 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch1 bit – Argo Bulletin

  1. Nice and realistic on how the information could be overlooked. And I think Kirito gained a very loyal friend/guild. And some smart people are going to wonder how did Kirito gain the magesight.

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  2. > And I think Kirito gained a very loyal friend/guild.>
    Eh if this was anything like canon, Klein considered Kirito a friend from day one. And he never stopped.

    > And some smart people are going to wonder how did Kirito gain the magesight.>
    Fortunately the eliminates Kibaou’s crew from the running. And Klein/Argo respect Kirito enough not to pry too much if he doesn’t want to talk about it.

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    1. Yeah, but if your about to go into a hack and slash battle, quest fluff isn’t going to do anything but distract you. If you’re not prepping for the boss fight, you are going to get yourself and others killed. And ten pages of bulletin? That’s a lot. If you’re reading game updates with the scrutiny you /should/ be when it’s life or death, there might not have been enough time.

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  3. Now if Argo had titled it better, the news might have gotten the attention it deserved.


    I’m sure that would have stopped ‘gameplay’ throughout the ‘server’ while everyone read that message like it was cram notes five minutes before your final exam. Or if the message title is more limited even “ARGO ALERT: LYCANTHROPY TREATMENT!” would still be about as attention grabbing.

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    1. How you organize and present information is very important.

      You want a routine process that alerts people to urgent news, and lets them organize the rest as they need.

      Argo probably should be sending separate alerts and reports. Alerts should say priority, to whom the alert is most important to, and in a few short words, what is urgent, why, and where to look for detailed information. Reports are detailed information, and probably should be numbered.

      Sending to many ‘urgent alerts’, or giving people too much routine reading material gets you ignored.

      I think this Argo has things to learn.

      I have things to learn.

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      1. >Nobody’s perfect. She’s used to people hunting for her info, not getting it to them without the hunt. She’s learning. 🙂>
        And that bit caused my crazy brain to see Argo as a rogue who dips into Bard for a few levels.
        Don’t ask her to sing though.

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      1. True that. Though an ironic thing about this fandom is that one of the most popular characters barely appeared in the anime to begin with (psst Argo psst).
        The SAO Progressive is totally worth a try (This is not me indirectly encouraging you to read it. Of course not. 😉 )
        The manga’s from Asuna’s POV, has gorgeous artwork and the best part ?

        Kirito’s lovestruck face when he’s staring at Asuna.


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