Post-NaNo Update: 3 Small Problems Swatted

Managed to swat three small problem areas in the rough draft of Seeds of Blood this morning. One I had in my file of Problem Areas, the other two I’d marked as such in the rough draft but they somehow hadn’t quite made it to the Problem Area file. So I’m now down to about eight problem areas.

Upside is, I’ve checked through all of the rough draft again (Find is useful for that sort of thing!) and am now sure I’ve identified all the remaining problem areas. So… what do I have left?

One scene that works very well, but will need stuff leading up to it to give it the most emotional punch, meaning bits and pieces of glosses on scenes before it.  (This might have to wait until the third draft to fix – it’ll need careful read-throughs of lots of scenes.)

A bridging scene where our heroes catch a bad guy. (Hopefully next on to-tackle list.)

Another bridging scene where a confrontation with a bad guy goes very wrong.

A bit about cell phones and spells; this also might need to wait until the third draft, as it’ll also require some careful re-reading.

A bridging scene before some widespread fights start.

Edits to a scene leading up to The Big Fight of the book. This… might be one of the next bits to tackle, it ought to be relatively short. Relatively.

The Really Big Horribly Complicated Fight Scene.

…Mind, I know how the RBHC Fight Scene ends. Very dramatically. That part’s written. It’s the fight leading up to that which I have lots and lots of notes for, that will need being broken into bite-size pieces.  Lots of characters. Lots of special effects. Where’s Industrial Light and Magic when you need ’em?

The astute reader will note a lot of the problems are bridging scenes. For better or worse, this is a direct outcome of powering through most of my rough draft during NaNoWriMo. Because the name of the game in NaNo is daily wordcount, if you hit a spot you get stuck, the thing to do is add a note of “And then the invisible ninjas strike!” and keep going.

Spots like that are incredibly frustrating to fix later, no question. But note that I have a draft to fix. Instead of a stalled-out piece of writing that never hit “The End”.

In my experience, if I don’t know how the story ends, it might languish in limbo forever. But if I have a completed story arc? Yes, filling in the gaps is “arrrgh!” But it can be done.

And it will be.

About 10 problems down, 8 to go….


11 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: 3 Small Problems Swatted

  1. Yeah, my main problem is that I start writing, and then I get distracted by the world. Like, this is this way, this nifty magic works like this, that character has *these* features which mean *this*… and this race does that, but there’s differences in the mountain version and the version who are living in this world’s version of Un’Guru Crater, (research the crap out of differences between fruit bats and regular bats,) check out the human wing span for a bat wing versus an angel wing, freak out over how the heck clothes work if the membrane extends to the ankle, growl and declare “magical flight form! When flying the membrane extends to the ankle, when on the ground the membrane goes to the waist and is much thicker because that’s where the mass comes from.”

    I’m so tempted to create the world, the background, the races and basic plot and then find a D&D group to play in it for me. Characters! Background! Motivation, random events, save vs not save.

    People who do this and have great joy who aren’t going to hand me a bucket of gore are awesome. Thanks for all your hard work!

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  2. For me, I’m a slow writer. I’ll write a page one day, then when I go to continue it the next I find problems that I have to fix right then, then I get caught up in edits because I find more things I’m unhappy with. By the end it’s extended to two pages and I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE STORY IS GOING ANYMORE. *Grrr!* You have my utmost respect for finishing what you have, and I wish you the best of luck on your edits. 🙂

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  3. So, you have already gone through the entire thing once and fixed what you could? In no time? Wow, I do NOT have your work ethic. I started writing The Hot Place in February 2016 and am a good ways into my fourth round of edits, and who knows when that will be finished.

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