Earring Tales: Green Dragonscale

Hmm. I think these didn’t come out quite as well as the Smaug pair.

Green Dragonscale5

You’d think brown and green would work, and it is pretty, but… I think maybe a bit of brighter color, reddish or orange, or bronze or copper, might have been a good idea to brighten it up?

Thoughts and comments welcome!

Green Dragonscale Earrings


11 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Green Dragonscale

  1. Really, I think it depends on your dragon. This is obviously the scale of a forest dragon, with the browns being a muted came for hunting in the shadows of trees. Meant for sneaking and hiding. Also, you just gave my stupid plot bunny more Ideas.

    The Shire is home to hobbits. And some hobbit families are perfectly normal hobbits. Most hobbit clans can find a dragon or five in the family tree, with the dragon in question perfectly willing to tell you how much better things were when they had four legs and a set of wings but all things considered being stolen by one of Yvanna’s Thieves wasn’t completely horrible. It’s all very quiet of course, the other races of Man probably wouldn’t be very understanding of the hobbitish habit of stealing a dragon and bringing them home to join the family after all! Still, the rolling greenery of the Shire, the mobile hoards of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on were adequate replacements for cold metals and unchangeable gems.

    And then the Wizard came, and brought dwarves who carried news of the last enslaved dragon. Oh, that’s not how the dwarves put it. But it was how Bilbo put it to the Thane. Now, Bilbo has contracted onto the Company as their Burglar, with the orders to bring Smaug home. As arranged marriages go, she supposes there are probably more awkward. Somewhere. Somewhen. Maybe. Hopefully.

    And those are Bilbo’s scales, when she changes into her dragon form. Yes, it is a fem!Bilbo story. This is actually a plot point, not just random. Hobbits are the purifiers of Yvanna’s domain, the growing things of the earth. And at one point, a hobbit was around big things, and somehow a very surprised dragon found itself in the form of a hobbit. Uncertain how, or if, to fix things the hobbit hurried the dragon back to the hobbit’s home. Things happened, and eventually they wed. And were very shocked when they had a set of twins, who spent their childhood and tween years tumbling around on feet and wings by turns. And when the hobbit grew old and died, for not even the love of a dragon can stop death, the dragon found that it too could return to it’s old self again. And with a snort and a flip of it’s mighty wings, shrank back down to cuddle a surprised grandchild.

    So, yes. That happened. Quit feeding the bunny! I don’t actually have the ability to turn that into a story, but it sure is fun dreaming up what happened in the background.

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  2. I think it’s a mis-match between how bring the green is and how muted the browns are. I think either a darker, more matte green or a brighter, more vibrant gold/bronze/shiny-brown might set them off better.

    They’re still gorgeous as they are, though.

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  3. I can’t stop trying to work out how to map those into actual dragon scales and get a good optical pattern (on the dragon, I should add). I’ve been told I’m a bit pathological….
    Still, as earrings, they look nice. (although one should consider the source — I’ve *also* been told I have the fashion sense of a lemon peel wrapped around a large gold brick….)

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