Post-NaNo Update: Camp NaNo Goal Reached

I signed up for Camp NaNo with a modest goal: 30 hours of editing on Seeds of Blood for the month of April. I figured no matter what other insanity went on in RL, I could strive for at least an hour of editing a day.

Did it.


Just finished laying out a rough – very rough! – script for how one particular short fight scene is going to go. Good guys, bad guys, some critical landscape details, some tactics. X, Y, and Z are going to happen. I’ll try for more detailed stuff when I’m not so dizzy from the dentist’s office. (No, not me; I ended up taking other people. Still ow.)

Good news is that once this fight and its aftermath are written, I’ll have another linking section, that will scamper along to a previously-written bit. And then I’ll be tackling a “missing piece” after that, and so on.

If anyone’s interested, check out Joe Varady’s The Art and Science of Staff Fighting.

Yes, I got this specifically for one character who showed up in the rough draft of Seeds. And also because it has a section on the spear. Which… well, anyone who’s poked Akatsuki no Yona might find that of interest. 😉



14 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Camp NaNo Goal Reached

  1. So excited! Also, that books sounds interesting. Very interesting. Are you still on track for a fall release date or am I conjuring that out of wishful thinking and thin air?

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    1. Still on track so far. Even if it feels sometimes like I’m hauling lead chains through mud, or dragging myself up by my fingernails!

      Seriously, at the current rate I’d estimate I should be done with editing draft 2… mid to end of May. That would leave June, July, and August to do polishing drafts, book formatting, and getting a book cover set. So I’m thinking early fall should still work!

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    1. my teenager and I were kicking around possiblities for getting Hiko in the area and settled on a Change Circle moves his mountainside to the Pelagirs and he makes life difficult for Tayledras. (Go away. We need to… GO AWAY. slices & dices…) Word gets to Haven and Kenshin recognizes the signs of Shishiou.

      BTW, we’ve discovered that the live action Kenshin trilogy is excellent. If we aren’t the last to find out, go look for it.

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