Earring Tales: Spring Greens, the Sequel

Color order does matter.


Used the suggestions people gave, switched around dark colors to the top, and put the leaf green on the far side of the moss green silk. I think it’s an improvement. 🙂

NaNo update wise – one more problem area down! Seven to go…. *Thud*

Spring Greens, the Sequel.


16 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Spring Greens, the Sequel

  1. Do you suppose you could try a tiger’s eye sort of look? I can’t imagine it working right with earrings, they’d probably be too heavy or not have enough room to do it justice- but maybe a wide bracelet or choker?

    I just really like the colors and contrast. Would the irregularly shaped beads be better for it? Make it a little less straight line, and the light would probably hit them a bit differently as well…

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  2. I think these are my favorite earrings yet! The almost electrifying green right pine needle green just makes it perfect. They kind of remind me of the trees at home, which isn’t surprising considering the I call the overly green Pacific Northwest home.


  3. As someone who really really likes the color green (to the point that a friend recently told me, “I almost didn’t recognize you, you’re not wearing green!”) these are GORGEOUS.
    The darkest green at the top is a little jarring, if only because the other bands have this beautiful symmetry of “light playing over mist” and then instead of lighter/brighter colors as the eye kind of expects it gets darker, but the more I look at them the more I like them. The gradient on these is fantastic.

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