Earring Tales: Flamingo Tango

Sometimes things just don’t come out as planned.


I think it might have looked better if I did the tan silk beads on both sides, instead of using the rose copper on one. The intensity mismatch is just too much. Live and learn.

Other thoughts, suggestions welcome!

Flamingo Tango.

As far as Seeds of Blood goes – scripting the real problem scenes seems to be working, if slowly. So I’m going to try to do a bit more of that tonight.

(And yes, I got in the fedoras!)


14 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Flamingo Tango

      1. Ah. I take that you’ve decided to save numbering them for when the number of chapters is finalized? That’s what I had to do, and it works. I hated having to renumber them.


  1. >>Sometimes things just don’t come out as planned.

    “Flamingo Tango.” I blame Simon. Even if it’s not really his fault, it’s usually close enough. And he’s probably had experience with dancing [with] flamingos before.


    1. In Fantasia 2000, there’s a clip where the actor is describing the next song as the answer to the question what is man’s relationship with animal, and is then handed a paper with the correction, of what would happen if you gave a flamingo a yoyo. “Who wrote this?”

      Now, the answer is Simon Cavins!


  2. I don’t know how it looks in person, but, the shiney beads in the outer middle (not the soft rose-y ones) blend in with your outline beads (same level of attention grabbing shiny.)They look like they could be used as outline beads if you used the soft rose-y pink ones on both sides?

    I know they might look totally different in person, but that’s what I see from the picture.

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