Post-NaNo Update: Thud, the Sequel

…And this problem area is being particularly sticky. Probably because I have an image in my head of the start of the scene, but not exactly how the scene should end.

Note, that’s different from the results of the scene. I know who’s alive, who’s not, who’s still standing and who’s in need of a hospital. But the image of the scene ending… that, I don’t have. Yet. Frustrating.

I’m not sure yet if the bunnies need refueling by way of reading/watching some fiction, if I need to tackle some plain old editing now that I have a fresh print of the draft (had a coupon, whew), or if I just need some sleep.

Betting on sleep, actually. That and fiction refueling; my weekends tend to be – not, shall we say, times to relax.

At least the bits I have gotten seem solid. This should be an interesting competition, when it’s done….


10 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Thud, the Sequel

  1. Ack, I hate it when scenes don’t cooperate. I always wind up staring at a document for an hour, then giving up in disgust and going to read fanfiction. *Rolls eyes* I hope you sleep well, and I wish you a great time while refueling! 😉

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  2. Take a break and get some sleep. There’s latent learning, and sometimes writing is like that. If you have a furry companion, spend time with them. Try to cook something new. Boot everyone out, make your favorite drink, and watch an old favorite movie or read a book. Que up an audible book and head for awhile. Have fun, relax.

    Avoid the psychology work, wait, that’s me. Sorry.

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  3. Sleep is usually underrated. But I know a lot of people who put writing away for a while when it gets that way, maybe take tomorrow off of it and make it a break.

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  4. When in need of fight scene fodder — not that I can actually //write// the slagging scenes as well as I want to, grr — I tend to pull up something silly like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Or pretty much any Jackie Chan or similar flick. They have //good// fight scenes in them.

    Young Justice also has very nice choreography. …it also has Conner, whom my bunnies keep threatening to kidnap at the drop of a freakin’ carrot crumb. Oi und vey.

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  5. Having read your earlier comments on your interest in looking up Pathfinder, it boggles my mind that you are not only contemplating doing research as part of editing a 180-page fanfic for fun while editing an original work of 100,000+ words, but said that you had to. Especially with housemates who sound much less helpful than my parents and that allergies that make too sick to write when mine never have. I have fewer of them and the timing wasn’t right.

    Where do you get this kind of work ethic?

    On a related note, I have no idea how to assemble the kind of notes that would actually help my writing process instead of becoming the main project. A project involving enough vegan cabbage rolls prepared with bok choy to rupture the poor character’s stomach when combined with all of that other food. I only ended it when the database went down permanently. Good thing, too. No one should have to eat 400 g of raw rapini for any reason. Not even because tofu requires too much water for one writer not to malign it as just as bad as beef.


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