Earring Tales: Calico Koi

And sometimes the bunnies get ambitious.


Basically, someone I know took the general earring shape and said, “I wonder what I can put in that?” This was a kind of scaled variant design that they really wanted to see tried.

I wanted to do reds and oranges, I’d done a lot of blue lately, so I poked goldfish colors.

…And then once I had a selection of darn near every orange I had, I reconsidered how the different finishes and intensities would look next to each other, went “meh”, and considered how it’d look with silk-finish luster white and all silver-lined colors for contrast. So I looked up koi fish on the web.

…I didn’t get in any blue, which seems a shame, given the pretty blue-and-white koi pics I found. But calico koi colors? Yep!

Though now I’m wondering if it would have been more koi-like if the thin stripes were color and the larger ones white.

And no, you’re not imagining things, there are two colors of white. Silk-finish beads are absolutely lovely, but their tendency to be slightly more fragile means I keep them off edges whenever I can. So I used a Ceylon pearl on the edge where white was needed.

Thoughts, suggestions welcome!

Calico Koi.




20 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Calico Koi

  1. Have you considered doing snake patterns? Because I was just staring and staring, trying to think what this reminded me of, and it was snake scales!

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    1. I have to agree that it looks more reptilian than koi fish. Maybe if instead of stripes you did irregular-ish blotches? But that would take alot more work and planning. Your work is always pretty though, even if I don’t quite agree with the names.

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  2. Oh wow, that is _gorgeous_! That has to be my favorite design of all the ones you’ve posted yet. It’s just so striking! And the first one that honestly makes me regret that I no longer wear earings. (Long messy story)

    Do you think you might do a similar pattern for, say, a bracelet?
    …Do you think the effect would survive the transition?

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      1. Ooooh, that too! That too.

        On that note: I think the earring on the right catches the overall effect best, whatsayyou?

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  3. OH MY GOSH, PRETTY. Against the white background, I mistook some of the white for empty spaces at first; what a cool effect. —This is a great pattern. Like, I can see how it was done and that it’s not all that complicated, but only if I stare at it and MAKE myself see. If I’m not trying, it’s not apparent, and my eye gets carried along by the overall effect.

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