Post-NaNo Update: Illusions and Poker

One of the interesting things about folktales is that there are plenty of contests that aren’t physical fights. Which is, in fact, part of what I’m working on in the latest trouble spot in Seeds of Blood. Our heroes have to defeat something much, much too big to face head-on. So… there is planning. And bluffing. And plenty of Refuge in Audacity.

I think it’s going to be good, but it’s going just as slow as some more physical fights I’ve written. Which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me as much as it does. It’s the same combination of move, countermove; what info does each side have, and based on that and battlefield conditions, what do they try to do next?

Part of the problem in this scene is, there are innocent bystanders. Or at least not criminally charged ones….

And that makes any contest – fight or otherwise – a lot more tricky to plan. Because you’re never quite sure what the people who don’t personally have as much at risk are going to try to do. It could get dangerous. It could get ugly.

A big part of the tricky planning here is figuring out when bystanders are most likely to stick their noses in. Because hopefully it will be Dramatic, but it also has to be plausible.

Currently our heroes just survived round three of the contest. And I think now is about when things get complicated!

So my current plan is a short outside POV to show what’s going on with the crowd. And I’ll see where it goes from there.

16 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Illusions and Poker

    1. Also, speaking of contests, have you ever heard of Touhou? There’s an artist on youtube, minusT, who does some quite spectacular reimaginings of danmaku in CG. They remind me a lot of your battle scenes, especially Upon a Fiery Steed and Count Taka.

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  1. Thinking ahead and bluffing are also important, like the story about the man who scared off a giant by squeezing milk from a stone, only his stone was cheese, then challenging the giant to do the same with another stone as a contest of strength. 🙂

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      1. I prefer mozzarella. 😉 If one of your characters uses cheese to defeat a Big Bad, I will give you a virtual hug the likes of which have never been given before. *G!*

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  2. Saw one story where an ogre was scared away because a squire? Went ahead of his master and started using his masters sword as a butter knife claiming his master had a much greater sword than this one, and claimed quite a few other things and basically bluffed the ogre into fleeing before the squire’s master arrived. The master of course never did as the squire had gone off without the masters knowledge.

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