Earring Tales: Aqua Diamonds

Whenever I finish a complicated design for the first time, I like to take a break by doing one I’m more familiar with.

Aqua diamonds6

I, er, might be more fond of teal-green than is normally considered practical. Seriously, I have a whole bunch of shirts in these colors. It’s practically the only color I really look good in.

Teal is also a duck color, and… I’m usually found in camouflage colors, because I at least don’t look horrible in them.

The color in the outer chevrons is actually called “tree frog green”. I had to get that. Just for the name. Though tree frogs around here are a bit more yellow-green. 😉

I think the mint-colored center diamonds were good at brightening it up. Comments, suggestions?


Aqua Diamonds earrings.


9 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Aqua Diamonds

  1. Yes, teal-y green! I wear it a lot too.

    (Admittedly, part of that is that cool colors are less likely to look off on me. Red and yellow in particular make me look like I’m dying.)

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  2. Pretty!

    Also, your comment about your wardrobe put me in mind if the Green Rider series by Kristin Britain. These are totally a Greenie earring.

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  3. That’s beautiful. I love greens in general and you made those ones look *really* good. You’re also getting really skilled at putting similar-yet-different shades together and making it look completely natural. As in how could they possibly be put any differently? I am in awe of how you managed to pull that off.

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  4. I think it looks pretty . . .

    It’s good to give one’s brain a break sometimes. Especially after something taxing . . . like translating a design from pattern to finished earring . . . or rounds of edits and revisions to one’s writing . . . the list goes on.

    I’m picky about shades of green. I like a lot of them. I just can’t wear some of them – mostly the lighter shades or the ones with a lot of yellow undertones are ones that don’t work . . . probably because I’m a winter.

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