Monstrous Compendium Ch3 bit – Determinator

Kayaba. Is. A bastard.

But the red haze seemed to clear a little, and he was still gasping for breath. Which meant breathing, which, hey, good thing-

His HP bar was still dropping, yellow and heading down. Issin was dead white.

Oh. Joy. “Didn’t-” Klein coughed, feeling like he was due to hack up a lung. “Didn’t work. Did it.”

“Just hang on.” Kunimittz was almost shaking, ready to grab him so they could all hold him down. “It’s DOT, if Issin can cast more Heals we’ll buy you time-”

“You’re going to need those for yourselves.” The rope was good stuff, Klein knew; Terrorantula silk and player-made on top of that. It might hold a weretiger. Might. “Don’t be stupid, get going….”

His HP flashed to red, and the world caught fire.

Hate and enemy and kill-

No. I won’t do that.

He wanted blood, like a man dying in the desert thirsted for water. But that want wasn’t him.

I’m Ryoutarou Tsuboi. Just a salaryman. But I was good at my job, I was going to be better….

I’m Klein. Guild leader of Fuurinkazan. The guys are counting on me. I won’t do this!

He could feel the ropes biting into him, tight against shifting flesh. Hear the rip of fabric, as fur and fangs and demonic will tried to reshape him. It’d be so easy to break loose….

But he wouldn’t. He was going to lie right here, damn it, against the call of moon and blood and burning muscles, and pray one of his people had the heart to do what they had to.

Damn you, Kayaba! Go ahead and kill me. I’m not going to let you make me a monster!

Bare fingers touched his chest, shocking cold against fur. Klein snarled, lunged-

No! No, damn it-!

Hit the ground hard, as someone yanked still-bound feet out from under him.

Even with everything stripped down to raw, red hate, something in that touch had smelled familiar. Like home. Like rescue. Like….


Cold. Sudden, tooth-chattering cold, the hate pouring out of him like swamp water out of old bones….

Klein blinked at stray bits of lichen and leaves on the ground, listening to steel clash against armor and wondering when a moonlit night had turned so bright. I. Hurt. Everywhere.


21 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch3 bit – Determinator

  1. …Kirito truly has a gift for timing when it comes to saving Fuurinkazan, doesn’t he? And while I’m not sure how pack instincts work with were-tigers, I suspect he’s going to have a much, much harder time than usual convincing Klein to let him go wander off as a solo with no backup (read: packmates) to keep him safe.

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      1. >and the mothers for rearing of cubs.

        Cue mental image of Kurito as a tiger cub being carried around by the scruff of his neck by Klein.

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      2. Poor Klein. He doesn’t get to keep his dignity in canon and now he doesn’t get to keep his manhood. At this rate he’ll /never/ get a girlfriend 😦

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      3. Further, in DnD Weretigers are canonically the second most solitary of the main lycanthrope varieties. The most solitary are Werebears, which is a shame, since in base DnD Werebears are the only lycanthropes whose alignment is shifted to Good by the curse.

        Base DnD Weretigers tend to be proud and enjoy luxury and servants (the writers clearly drew a little bit from legends about Rakshasa when designing Weretiger default behaviors, which is funny because DnD already has Rakshasa). But you only tend to find one Weretiger at a time. Werewolves and Wererats are the ones that form packs.

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      4. >Further, in DnD Weretigers are canonically the second most solitary of the main lycanthrope varieties.>
        Of course we have to remember Vathara’s tendencies towards demi-human behavior in her fics along with the fact that she is playing somewhat fast and loose with how the various ‘monster’ races actually behave.

        Which makes sense. Because presumably one can look at the various ‘info’ on the monstrous races being what is known to scholars of the ‘civilized’ races.And considering how snobbish elves can be towards even the other ‘good guys’ it’s not hard to imagine bias coloring the hows and whys of races behaviors.

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  2. And now I’m imagining Calvin and Hobbes as played by Kirito and Klein.
    “It’s that moment of dawning comprehension that I live for.”

    Perhaps Argo gets someone to add a short comic as a sidebar to her newsletters?

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    1. Agil was born in the states, maybe he suggests it! (As revenge on both Kirito and Klein. Revenge for what? Don’t know, don’t care. Kirito and Klein may not even remember whatever it was they did to annoy Agil, but after Argo releases that comic strip they’ll regret it forever.)

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    2. Y’know, the more I think about this the more amusing scenarios spiral out.

      Asuna: loves the comic and thinks it’s hilarious… riiiight up until she shows up in it playing the Susy to Kirito’s Calvin.

      Kibaou: is practically frothing from day one over all the good press for that Beater and the Feral Monster he’s helping to fool the ‘good’ and honest’ players trying to free themselves. He becomes practically apoplectic when he shows up in a role equivalent to Moe.

      I have no idea who Argo would choose to cast in the roles of Roselynn, ‘Calvin’s Parents’, his teacher Miss Wormwood, or various​ others; but the more I consider the background possibilities for mockery of characters and Kirito’s lamentations the more hysterically I laugh.

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  3. He has a certain sense of timing – yes, part of it is people like Argo knowing who to call – but still good timing (when he can the Big Damn Heroes thing) and bad timing (being a trouble magnet).

    Klein seems to have +Something in Heroic Willpower, doesn’t he?

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      1. Think he’s got room for the Iron Will feat? Or is that Will save of his just going off of Divine Grace? #snark

        (Of course, Klein is one of the very few characters I could see who it actually makes sense – instead of just being min/max-y as hell – to give the… I think it was ‘Hard Headed’ feat out of… PHB2… maybe? The one where, in addition to your Wisdom modifier you get to add your Constitution bonus to your Will saves.)

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