Post-NaNo progress and Silvery Graphite

I have no idea how that darn yellow bead snuck in there.


First, the progress on Seeds of Blood. The scene I’m working on has not yet been entirely licked, but I’m down to one linking bit to write. In the process that section of the draft has gone from 10 pages in 10-point (that’s how I print it to edit, seems to work) to twenty-three pages.


…It’s a heck of a contest, though. Hee.

And every last bit of it is rooted in folklore and mythology. Everything. From the terms, to the plants, to the magic. Every. Last. Bit.

(Yes, even Myrrh’s enchantment. Ancient Egyptian magic commanding the world and even the gods by the use of the proper words is a thing in that folklore!)

That’s part of what I’m trying to do in the Net ‘verse. My story-bunnies rose in screaming revolt against Hollywood sparkly/angsty vampires so often on the shelves in favor of the nasty, nasty possessed corpses they generally are in folklore, and I am sticking to that for the universe. So the way people fight things in folklore is what will work. At least most of the time.

Second, the earrings. Someone asked if I could do a pair in black and white. I’m still trying to get my hands on some good blacks that don’t make me grouch – why is there no silver-lined black? – but here’s a pair in grayscales!

Silvery graphite earrings.


11 thoughts on “Post-NaNo progress and Silvery Graphite

  1. That’s my reaction to a lot of modern supernatural stuff… either that or turning it into a black comedy which gives me license to snicker at everyone’s misfortune. Most of that stuff works much better when you assume everyone’s being ironic on purpose.

    Or… my parents were okay with us kids reading old editions of the Brothers’ Grim at the time the other kids our age were watching Disney movies… same thing when I went and read Dracula around the time Buffy was wrapping up (although I didn’t know it at the time) and urban fantasy was starting to gain ground. And one of the things that both of those works have is supernatural stuff normal people can do something about. The majority of modern urban magic doesn’t. Which kinda leads to a lot of angst ’cause if supernatural stuff will slowly but surely get the better of normal people, what’s the point of a lot of stuff? Compare that to the heroes of older fairytails don’t angst over their problems, but actually try to do something about it (and can do something about it), a lot of modern stories seem very… whiny? I guess?

    Which is one of things I like about both Net and Taka. Most of those books are all about people doing things to fix problems that can be fixed. There’s very little angsting going on, and the stuff that does happen is by people who are missing information (Church not knowing stuff about vampires; Kay not knowing what his family really gets up to, etc.). Once the knowledge gaps get filled, then they start working on solutions.

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    1. I too read Dracula before high school. It’s one of the few books that made me want to leave the light on!

      And yes. Urban fantasy = whiny is one of the things my bunnies went “Rarrr smash!” about. Because… seriously, even in the Buffy ‘verse, normal people can do something against the bad guys.

      And as someone who has a bio background, with large chunks of ecology in there – vampires and werewolves the way Hollywood portrays them do not make ecological sense. They should be running the world, with that power level – or have induced a population crash, or have never let humanity get beyond stone axes.

      …I have ideas about what to do against supernaturals with stone axes….

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  2. I have no idea how that darn yellow bead snuck in there.

    It’s a ninja?

    I think the lack of folklore mining in Hollywood might be a combo of factors: (1) Wanting a solution to the monster problem that can be easily summed up in a line or two of explosion, (2) Wanting a somewhat easy solution to said supernatural critter – there are several according to folklore that cannot be stopped through they can be delayed, (3) Certain monster weaknesses have long been established in the minds of the mainstream audience and deviating from those can be risky . . . (4) laziness on the part of the writers, (5) executive meddling – everyone knows this is how you kill vampires, why are you messing with it? and (6) some folklore solutions or delaying tactics are kinda . . . odd . . . and might not work on screen unless you are going for humor – a lot of folkloric vamps are apparently OCD and can be distracted from killing you if you throw a bunch of mixed size / type grains in their path which they will have sort before resuming the chase . . .

    Could be worse. They could be trying to Science! Vampires the way they keep trying to Science! zombies. I don’t mind a scifi take on supernatural critters or having both magical and science explanations for things . . . just that a lot of the way they “explain” how said creatures work with science keeps making my suspense of disbelief chew through the straps and run off into the night (often while ranting . . .) . . . Sorry but Hollywood hasn’t very good at writing plausible sufficiently advanced . . .

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    1. Ninja bead! I like it. 🙂

      I honestly think part of Hollywood’s problem is that it’s easier to show a Lone Hero blowing up baddies than a whole community getting together to track down a bloodsucker. Meh.

      And agreed on the lack of science. Zombies shouldn’t be able to move past a certain point….

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      1. Yes thank you on the zombie thing. Especially if they are resurrected by some zombie virus. If they are decomposing gradually, which they often seem to be, then they shouldnbe losing motor control until they are finallynothing more than dangerously sick mush and bones. But if you go the other route where the virus takes over the body and basically makes it a living zombie…well the way that would make the most sense? Would be to take over the systems in place already. So unless you got something that does chrysalis transformation thing…shoot them in the heart? Should be dead.

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    2. The amusing thing about losing the “OCD vampires that count things” is that we haven’t lost it entirely, it’s just the last time anyone saw such a thing, they were watching Sesame Street.

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