Monstrous Compendium Ch3 bit – Need More Coffee

“Magebred dire horses.” From the sound of that set of thumps – a book and elbows on a table? – Dynamm had settled in with one of his favorite SAO hobbies: local lorebooks. “Did you see the little side-claws, up above the hooves? I wonder what else they’ve got in the bloodline. If the locals can breed them to carry weretigers without freaking out… oh, wow. Is that what I think it is?”

“If ye think that be a white drakkensteed, then aye, ‘tis.” The elder’s voice was noticeably warmer. “Snowclaw has been one of our studs for nigh on forty years, now. His colts are too wild for any life save draconic steeds or the battle-lines; his fillies are still a handful, but they and their get do well for us. Have ye handled horses in your own world, then?”

“No, Shaman Tetsutora,” Dynamm said regretfully. “My family used to, in my great-grandfather’s day. But that was a long time ago.” There was a rustle of pages. “Sorry, if this is a stud book you probably don’t want outsiders-”

“That, ye may discuss with Tae, and her sire Lusliat,” Tetsutora said firmly. “’Tis their book; I only borrowed it a time to check a few remedies. The Mistfeathers keep the best bloodlines in our village, but they lost much of their clan in the Last War. And they are proud. Perhaps an outsider might do for them something they are unwilling to ask of neighbors.”

So there are more quests here, Kirito thought. Interesting… wonder if I can find something good

Tetsutora raised her voice a bit. “And were I minded to screech of spies, young one, I’d sooner point my claw at a half-grown man-cub who has not the courtesy to tell his pack he’s still breathing.”


“He’s up?” Klein pounced on the edge of Kirito’s cot, almost tipping them both over onto the floor before the redhead shifted his weight. Klein yanked on the edge of the fur in a brief tug-of-war, grinning into Kirito’s blinking eyes. “You’re up! Damn, you scared me. You just fell over, and Issin said you burned through all your MP into your HP, and I didn’t know anybody could do that, and how did you even find us, last I heard even Argo couldn’t keep track of you, though she thought you were hunting wererats on the lower levels-”

All in one breath. Kirito blinked a little harder. Glanced around the wood and bamboo of a village infirmary at a relieved guild and old shaman weretigress. Then back at a wide-eyed Klein. “Did you… have coffee?”


21 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch3 bit – Need More Coffee

  1. “Did you… have coffee?”

    If he did, he better give up the goods because if gamers are like some other flavors of nerd, getting between them and the coffee would be . . . bad . . .

    Just saying that depending on the nerd (like say, Dr. Jackson), doing something like withholding a source of coffee from them means that there will be blood.

    Of course, Klein could just be a combo of himself hyper, kitten hyper, and Hey I’m not dead! hyper.

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  2. This is going to be very stressful for Kirito. While it’s been shown that he doesn’t hate youkai, sane lycans and so on, he’s also got this massive complex about not getting turned (se him refusing to get closer to Stheno’s bloodstones).

    Normally he most likely wouldn’t have an issue with being in a were-tiger village (with variable amounts of trying to fade into the background/shadows). Right now however, he is immobile and helpless Kid’s going to be a nervous wreck when hes no longer distracted by Klein and co.

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  3. -Takes second look at Tetsutora’s talk with Dynamm-
    -Remembers that the various Youkai lords (and there may be many logging in) want to convince the players to stay post-game-

    That is one crafty old lady. She got the original measure of Dynamm through the company he keeps, wormed out that he was interested in horses and his family used to work with them and finally got an even better measure of his character though the whole ‘stud book’ thing.

    From what little I understand, those things could be extremely valuable.

    And then she directs him over the family (who the book belongs to) that is all about horses, was apparently badly hit in the last war, seems to consist of a daughter and his father here, and has things that a kind-hearted outsider might do that their neighbors can’t……

    So what are the odds that said two people are actually real Youkai logged into the game? 😉

    -Post SAO, main characters are still in Eberron-

    Dynamm : “Guys…..I think I have a girlfriend now. Or I’m engaged, I’m not sure which.”

    Klein: “Doesn’t matter what we say it is. It matters what Granny Tetsutora says it is.”

    Rest of Fuurinkazan: “Amen to that.”

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    1. *G* You’ll meet Tai in chapter 4, I think. And then things will get even more complicated.

      And yep. Tetsutora’s one of the folks on board with Stheno’s plan, and she’s a lot older than she looks. She has experience in what will and won’t work in getting new people integrated into the clans. And she’s someone who survived to flee Sarlona, and the quori….

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      1. > And then things will get even more complicated.>
        Argo: “….and that’s why the countryside is on fire sa.”

        Asuna: “How do you-you maniacs manage to get into this much trouble in under a week?!?”

        Kirito: “Well Asuna, you see wee needed to take a short-cut-”

        Klein: “And then we needed to kill the thing we found living in said short-cut.”

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      2. >> That’s actually a fair sum-up of one of the later chapters…

        It’s a Giant Spider, isn’t it? (What am I saying, this is DnD we’re talking about – there’s always a Giant Spider.)


      3. In 1978 a man relocated from Minnesota to New South Wales for work, and ended up staying there until the current day. The decades long fantasy roleplaying game he refereed had only normal sized spiders.

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      4. >That’s actually a fair sum-up of one of the later chapters….>
        And that is causing flashbacks to an old fic Valour and Mayhem (40k) which involves a rather….unorthodox Commissar-eventually-turned-Inquisitor.
        Part 1
        Part 2
        The particular part that comes to mind is when he and his men did a little asymmetric warfare on the Orks after they got cut off from the main Guard force.

        When the Raven Guard dropped in they found that A: their target had already been hit, B: everything was on fire, including the nearby river and C: they could actually track this guy’s progress from orbit by the devastation in his wake.

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  4. i had a strange dream, about a tokyo ward getting teleported into the ebberon world/SAO-with all the tech/infrastracture/buildings,including local police station… and getting confused,

    will we have people other then players getting from japan to eberron later on?

    a ‘japanese quarter’ in the land of aincrad would be interesting in that it would both mean support and hold together players, and present an issue to the youkai lords as a large group’ of humans living among them, and making its own clan rather then dispersing among the existing ones.

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