Earring Tales: Yellow Rosebud


Yellow Rosebud2

I may not do many of these; they’re not nearly as much fun as the triangles or longer diamonds. The single-bead Comanche stitch that makes up all but the center row is very tight and hard to work. It’s easy to get the needle in slightly the wrong place and have to pull out a stitch.

That said, the tactile effect between my fingers is interesting, because the Delica beads snap together like little glass bricks. It’s almost like fingering a waterglass turned flexible.

Thoughts, comments?

Yellow Rosebuds.


8 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Yellow Rosebud

  1. Very pretty! Though I admit my first thought was “I want to pick these up and fidget with them!”

    Honestly, my constant urge to have something in my hands to twist/pick at/run my fingers over has probably gotten me in more trouble than almost any other trait…

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