Monstrous Compendium Ch3 bit – Sleepions

Klein eyed the unconscious swordsman pinned under his left arm, and sighed. He’d never. Ever. Guessed how many weapons Kirito carried on him. On him, not just in Inventory.

And he’d definitely never known how flexible a determined, half-drunk teenager could be when he was trying to get at them. Or that a determined, half-drunk teenage sorcerer might have a few magical effects ready to fire off with a snap of his fingers, low MP or not.

Just out of reach, Kirito’s long coat was currently wrapped around knives, throwing pikes, poisoned needles, component pouches, a bundle of rope, at least one bag of silver dust – could he say ow – and a sword. There was no way Klein could ignore that sword.

Then again, there was no way he could ignore the whole limp kitten effect of a simple dark gray shirt and tousled black hair, either. When Kirito was out, he was out.

…Which, come to think of it, was probably why the kid had fought so hard not to let go and sleep. From what Klein had been able to worm out of Argo about the Black Cats, Kirito had fought and traveled solo for all but two of the past nine months. Not just fighting monsters, but completing quests on his own; and that meant nights out of town, with nobody watching your back. No wonder Kirito had hair-trigger reflexes.

Klein glanced at singed holes in his sleeves, and grimaced. This used to be a good shirt.

Well, it had been. Before he’d gone all grr snarly furry last night. Which he still didn’t want to think about, but….

The world smelled so alive. He didn’t know if he wanted to bounce out Tetsutora’s back door to chase butterflies through the sunshine, or just laze around here on a rug with his guild in a warm patch of gold. Though right now lazing had an edge. Kirito was finally, finally asleep, a boneless deadly black kitten, and everyone’s scents had calmed and settled. It was… nice.

Settled. Klein frowned. Did they smell different before?

He couldn’t be sure. Everything had been so raw and confused under the moonlight. And even after the demon was dead… everything had been so new. But – maybe.

Right now, they smelled… good wasn’t the right word. Fuurinkazan smelled whole. Healthy. Cat and human and tiger, and Kirito’s odd undertone of feathers.


18 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch3 bit – Sleepions

  1. O_o how drunk did they have to get Kirito to get his weapons off of him? Actually scratch that, *how* did they get Kirito drunk? I’m very impressed with Klein right now.

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  2. Maybe they just smell safe, Klein. Everyone accounted for and if not hurt, well on the road to recovery, in a place where nothing is going to eat any of you and even if there were at least one of you is keeping watch . . .

    And everyone needs downtime. Turbo is a button you pushed down and release, not tape down. Nobody can be on-guard all day every day – eventually you get too tired, too hurt, too something and you just shut down. If you are lucky. If you are unlucky, you shatter into a million pieces. Sometimes, with help and support and all that stuff, you can be glued back together – you still have cracks but you can function and more but the repair isn’t perfect and has limits. If you keep getting broken, eventually no amount of repair can help. That if when you shattered the first time, it wasn’t bad enough to destroy you completely.

    That’s why Kirito being too solo worries me. Probably why it worries other people too.

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      1. To the point where Klein starts to wonder if someone tagged Kirito with a sign visible only to monsters and other trouble that says: Bring it on!

        Or said tag is only visible to Murphy which would accomplish the same effect.

        Or something.

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  3. what i wonder about-are the feathers certain people smell on kirito from the Cockatrices that Stheno’s garden holds, and the sign that he visits there often, or something else?

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  4. D’aww, look at that absurd collection of gear… At this rate Kirito’ll be a proper DnD adventurer in no time at all! (All that’s left is nervously glancing up every time he enters a room and every 5 minutes thereafter.)

    And what Klein’s smelling… that sense of wholeness is tougher to place. I wonder if it’s simply ‘pack’ or if there’s more to it.

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      1. It’s not paranoia when people really are out to get you.

        And between the things that will just attack players because they are there AND people who would love to take out the Black Swordsman for one reason or another, Kirito has no shortage of people really out to get him.

        One could argue that so many weapons and other useful stuff he’s carrying another with him is him being just plain sensible.

        And given his ability to find trouble anywhere at anytime, I can understand his desire not to be caught with his proverbial (or literal) trousers down by said trouble.

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