Monstrous Compendium Ch4 bit – Debriefing

“Repeat after me.” Kirito looked over a dazed and battered guild leaning against a wrecked mausoleum, still watching the dissipating polygons of a re-killed psionic undead monster. “I will spend a half hour meditating, every day.”

The chorus of groans almost made him laugh. Almost.

“I will listen to the villagers about monsters,” Kirito went on, carefully not smiling. “After all, if they’re still alive, they may be doing something right.”

Louder groans.

“I will remember that enchanted weapons may still not be entirely effective for all monsters,” Kirito continued. “Especially incorporeal ones.”

This time, there were a few whimpers in the groans. Good. Pain was a teacher. Granted, there hadn’t been that many incorporeal monsters in the game so far. But the higher the level, the tougher the monsters. They had to be ready.

“Last, but not least.” Kirito did smirk this time. “Claws go into the bad guys.”

Shoulders hunched, Klein dropped his chin onto his knuckles. The tips of his ears were red. “…Sorry.”

“You used your claws, not your teeth,” Kirito shrugged it off. The Caller’s mental attacks had dazed almost everybody, as he’d expected. Most of the psionic mobs he’d met before had been what Vincent called phrenic creatures; otherwise ordinary monsters with just a touch of deadly psionic power. The Caller was on a completely different level. If he’d been alone, he wouldn’t have tried fighting it. But he wasn’t alone. He was with Fuurinkazan, and he… trusted them. Even if Klein had gone furry and claws-out. Better Klein figured out what a dazed weretiger’s instincts were likely to do now, among friends. No bite meant no infection; it wasn’t a big deal. “I’m fine… what?”

Still giving him a considering look, Issin shook his head. “I’ll have to go reread Argo’s Guides for the last few levels. I think I missed a few things.” He chuckled. “At least now we know why her Guides are so good.”

Kirito tried not to blink. “She gets information from a lot of players.”

“I’m sure she does.”


20 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch4 bit – Debriefing

  1. In Vathara’s SAO headcanon I’m pretty sure that Argo gets anywhere from 75% to 95% of her info from Kirito and mostly uses other players for corroboration.

    In actual canon? While Kirito does contribute some he’s mostly a valued repeat customer.

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      1. I’m mostly going by the fact that we almost never see Kirito giving Argo info in canon, but we /do/ see him buying it from her fairly often, especially in Progressive.

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      2. …forgot to mention that we also see in one of the side stories that hasn’t been officially translated that it’s typically /Argo/ that goes looking for the odd or strange stuff for her guides. Of course she’ll occasionally get Kirito involved to help, but usually she runs solo too.

        It’s just she’s not a front line /fighter/.

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      3. ….Kirito is the guy who finds out you can jump on top of the mailbox and /dance if you go up the right cliff, mount, bubble at the right point, land on top of the auction house and then drop off on top of it…..

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      4. Canis: That’s why I’m hoping Glaux Bryonia continues her RK/SAO crossover. She has Argo off searching out “odd stuff” on her own as much as possible, yet simultaneously being perfectly willing to recognize that “finding odd stuff” includes noticing that someone else found something and that this thing is odd, and thus asking them for info on it. And in the current chapters, she’s trying to find out some odd stuff, but realized it was above her ability to solo, so she’s got Kirito and Kenshin (and an extra) hired to help her out as a party.

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      5. Ashley, that sounds familiar…how long has it been since that story updated? If it’s the one I’m thinking of I gave it up as dead a while ago 😦

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    January 2015 is the last time it updated, but she’s been updating some of her stories recently (and making new stories), and the last story she updated (Ground Fire) had been un-updated for quite a bit longer than this one. I’m standing hopeful still, even if it takes a while.

    Also, as a side note, I’m now imagining Akatsuki fangirling over Kirito and Kenshin. Because obviously they’re “perfect ninja”. :p

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  3. The author, by her own admission, uploaded the chapters she uploaded without writing every single one of them first. And now? She has herself a massive amount of planning work to do and for some reason, she just hasn’t had enough help to get that done.

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    1. I just realized where I submitted this and you, Vathara, somehow manage to make uploading chapters before you’ve written them all work so long as you have the energy to write more chapters. You just retain new information better than I do and did you know that I have had to completely rewrite the same unfinished installment in the universe it shares with The Hot Place? I could not do that if I had uploaded chapters before finishing.

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      1. Ah, but we aren’t getting these Bits raw, either. I suspect Vathara is a good bit further on the chapters/story and we get what has been mostly beta-ed and probably done as she works on the rest she needs to change.

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