Earring Tales: To Bermuda

Sometimes a design doesn’t come out quite like I wanted.

Bermuda crystal4

The problem here, I think, is I should have used 6 shades of aqua, not just 5; the top, instead of being palest, should have been a slight shade darker.

I’m not entirely sure I have 6 shades of aqua, but so it goes.

Other than that, though, I think it does make an interesting “crystal” design, and I’ll have to poke if I do have 6 gradually darkening shades of a beadΒ color to try it again.

…Well, actually, there is one more problem with this design. A personal one, not a “pretty earring” one. *Sheepish G* I end up with large areas that are a single block of color. A little boring to bead!

Bermuda crystals.



18 thoughts on “Earring Tales: To Bermuda

      1. I think that just moving which color went where might work. At least to give the impression of a rupee, wouldn’t look exactly like one.

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  1. It kind of reminds me of some pictures I’ve seen of glacial/iceberg ice. That kind of ice is never just blue and this has the same haunting feel to it (in my opinion).

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  2. Technically you can do graduation patterns from lightest color to darkest color or darkest color to lightest color – it’s mostly a matter of preference . . . and depending the pattern shape and which colors you are doing the gradation pattern – different colors seem to work better when starting from darkest and moving to lightest whereas others do it best the other way around. The shape of the earring – diamond like this one or another one, also impacts where D to L or L to D looks nicer.

    Sometimes you just have to experiment a bit to find out which looks the best to you. some of these experiments don’t turn out as well as one hopes.

    Can understand getting bored with the same color in long sections. I know I start to get sick of whatever color floss I’m using when I have to use it for large portions of a project – one of the more recent ones involved cross-switching on this cross in bright yellow . . . it was largest element on the pillowcase so it took a bit to get it done . . . and I got bored with doing those little yellow x-es before long. Probably why I did the cross last on the second pillow case when I did in the middle the one first (the design was flowers-and-greenery, big cross in the middle, flowers-and-greenery).

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  3. This is another piece where my first impression was mostly sensory- not so much “that’s pretty!” as “I want to touch it!” Comes with the nonstandard brain design, I suppose, but it does make it harder to review things.

    The sharp contrast between the bottom two colors and the top two is a little odd, though. Having them be closer to each other, instead of being extremely dark and then immediately quite light, might look more… argh, I’m having trouble finding the right word. But your lightest color is so light it’s almost white, and your bright is fine- they go together- and then your two darker colors are a very sharp “drop”. (Ignoring, for the moment, the outline color, which can contrast more without looking funny.)

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