Earring Tales: Gulf Waves

And here’s an adaptation of what I’m told is a friendship bracelet design. Seems to work. 🙂

Gulf Wave7

And here I’ll put in the snarling about single-bead base rows, damn you universe.


Seriously, single-bead base rows (the widest center row in these earrings) are tough as heck to stitch new rows onto. It takes a while. I end up bending my needle all over the place. (Keeping pliers handy helps.) And it is so, so easy to get the needle through on the wrong side and have to pull it back out and try to get back under the correct side of the thread.  These take as long, if not longer, as the diamonds beads, even with about half the beadcount, because of general fussiness.

But it does give pretty results. And an interesting nubbly texture to the fingers.


Gulf Waves.


9 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Gulf Waves

  1. I take it that the final scene of Chapter 2 would require more mental energy than this. If I had real life messes NOS, I could write the third chapter of In Which Hiko Learns to Cook, Clean, Sew, and
    Enjoy It. Hiko learns to sew jeans from scratch without a pattern in his first class because I didn’t know how to sew from a pattern, didn’t have a pattern, and therefor could not use instructions for altering patterns without threading in the shortcuts pioneered by a Swedish amateur Rope Dye has an article about. Unfortunately, my other main source is a wikiHow article describing how to make elastic pants; the only article from the same site for jeans assumes you have a pattern and doesn’t tell you how to make a waistband without elastic.

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  2. I think these may be my new favorite out of your earrings. They’re gorgeous from a distance, simple at a casual glance, then you see the waves when you take a slightly closer look.

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