Post-NaNo Update: Hacking Through Fight Scene

Sometimes you need to bring out the big guns to get stuff done. As in, fight music!

Sabaton – The Last Stand.

Yeah. This helps. Especially when the heroes in my story are beating back seriously evil guys at very long odds.

I’ve managed to get one set of bad guys to take down the main bad guy of another set, which will at least simplify the remaining fight. Some.

(And fired that bleeping Chekov. Thank goodness!)


9 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Hacking Through Fight Scene

  1. It is handy when the bad guys take out the bad guys instead of the heroes. Sometimes, depending on the bad guys in question, that might even mean that Faction A (the one who lost people) will refuse to work with Faction B (the group that took out their people). Yes, quite a few bad guys don’t care if members of their own group or any other dies or gets hurt as long as the goals are meet and the heroes are dead . . . but some of them do give a hoot. Or simply perceive Faction B’s actions toward their group as grievous, unforgivable insult.

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  2. Oh geeze — speaking of Chekov Guns. A Narito fanfic that I’ve been reading off and on for the last 6 months just hit chapter 71… and //finally// fired the Chekhov Gun they’d pointed out back in chapter 20. Proof that while those Guns can be annoying, they can also be so much fun when set off properly!

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