43 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch2 up on AO3

  1. …Darn stubborn bunnies.

    Are there another kind?

    Because all of mine are like a dog with a bone – good luck getting it away from them without getting bit or convincing them to drop it after they have latched on.

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  2. So Asuna has picked up a link to the plane that involves the elements of water and air resulting in ice and a side of lightning.

    Argo is going to have so much fun with this.

    Asuna: “Would you just drop it already?”

    Argo “A-chan, A-chan I know you’re a little peeved at Ki-bou vanishing like that, but this Cold as Ice routine you’re trying just isn’t going to work. You’ve got to Let It Go and meet him halfway. 😛

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    1. *Glaring*

      Y’know… I was gonna just find the song Lightning by Fireflight off of their Innova album (https://youtu.be/M10DSeSQ6J8). Figured I could keyword search for the song I was thinking of and find it easily enough, work in a continuation of your joke and link to the YouTube video.

      But no.

      It may – in fact – be entirely my own fault, but I am blaming you for the fact I spent the last hour+ scouring the web and my own music collection and now have the unedited beginnings – for no good reason – of both a playlist for Monstrous Compendium Online in general and character specific playlists for Kirito, Klein, and Asuna.

      I hold you responsible. May God forgive you because I will not.
      (Less sarcastically: why do I do dumb stuff like this to myself?)

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      1. …I’m also responsible for getting countless innocents into the terrible clutches of Saiyuki, Magi, and now Kabaneri. I’m so awful….

        I also have a playlist for A Net of Dawn and Bones inspiration. Sabaton among others.

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      2. >Y’know… I was gonna just find the song Lightning by Fireflight off of their Innova album >
        Well considering the region of the world Asuna is from, you could instead use Electric Shock by F(X), I mean there have been enough Toaru Kagaku no Railgun AMVs made with it. 😛

        >Sabaton among others.>
        Sabaton makes everything more awesome.

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      3. Electric Shock is probably the better idea. The only reason I gravitated towards Fireflight and Lightning was because of the repeated ‘You are Lightning’ line.

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      4. They almost throw enough hardware away in that to make me ask why they didn’t simply bomb the fuel stores at every field in range, then send in infantry.

        Of course I just saw a through fire and flames Ben-To AMV, and now think that looks and sounds totally awesome. Like a human wave Fight Club.

        I have no grounds to criticize the taste of others.

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      5. I had ‘efficiency’ not ‘rule of cool’ glasses on.

        “Why don’t you just shoot them”=”Discount Bento can’t be worth the cost of fixing that dress”

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      6. To be fair to Ben-To, I’ve actually seen the anime (season one, at any rate), and while I haven’t seen the AMV you’re talking about if the dress getting rekt is the long yellow one worn by the blue-eyed blonde in glasses? Then that wasn’t her dress and she didn’t want to wear it anyways. Another, even more terrifying character, forced her into it.

        And for Ben-To a large part of the point is that it’s not about the discount bentos, just as it’s not about the fighting either. It’s a silly slapstick comedy about being willing to fight and go all the way for whatever you want, no matter how ridiculous that makes you. Or to put it a bit more clearly: it’s not about the bentos being on discount, it’s about ‘I want that bento and I’ll fight for it if I have to because it’s what I want’.

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      7. The discount bentos are structure, excuse, and scoring, the store is just a venue. It is really just recreational combat. If your purpose is recreation, cost effectiveness is not the point. And the hospital fees would be worse economy than the dress.

        Mainly that symmetrical formation really bugged me. If you can set that up, you could have set up an asymmetric formation that would that would have given you a machine gun crossfire. Unless your gunners are criminally incompetent, there would have been some hits, and a good chance of shoot down. Okay, there are worldbuilding choices that could have prevented it. The symmetrical formation was grandstanding, and they didn’t get results that justify grandstanding.

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  3. Another quality chapter! I’m a little confused about sorcery and Sauna, being new to Eberron. Is she a Sorcerer that specializes in Ice and Lightning rather than say Kirito who seems to be specced toward Shadow/Ranger crossbreed?

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    1. Warlocks get their magic from various inhuman powers. In this variant they’re drawing it from different planes of existence. Kirito draws from Shadow, Stheno from Irian (a plane of light and positive energy), and Asuna from Risia, a plane of ice and lightning.

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      1. Reminder: What this SAO calls Sorcery is what regular D&D calls Warlockery. What this SAO calls Wizardry is what regular D&D calls Sorcery.

        I’m taking Yuki-Onna Asuna as more confirmed. What’s her fighter class like? Blackguard? 🙂

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      2. >> Wish I had the Tome of Nine Battles… it’s something that involves fighter and fast, at least!

        Well, to repeat my newest catch phrase: ‘If This Were Pathfinder:’ I’d probably recommend either Slayer or Swashbuckler.

        In 3.5? …Maybe Fighter right into Duelist? Alternatively I could see 3.5 Swashbuckler, though I don’t know it very well. If memory serves where the Pathfinder​ Swashbuckler is a Three Musketeers or Scarlet Pimpernel type of class/character, the 3.5 Swashbuckler is more of an Errol Flynn or Captain Jack Sparrow type.

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  4. So.. she’s an ice person as well as being a nice person? But you have to really worry about her cold shoulders?Does her wintry disposition thaw after a while,or is she an ice queen all the way through?Is her weapon a Shiva rapier?

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    1. >So.. she’s an ice person as well as being a nice person?>
      Even better, she also does lightning.

      Though considering the involuntary effects we’ve seen when Kirito gets upset I have to wonder if Asuna might generate her own personal little snow cloud that gives off cute little growls of thunder and lightning sparks.

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      1. The worst bit is I cannot picture the storm clouds without thinking it just makes her look more adorable than intimidating and severely undermines any attempts she might make to demand respect when annoyed.

        Though ice and lightning do mean she probably has the ‘Dramatic Hair in Wind With No Wind’ effect going whenever she needs it.

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  5. Do the chapters 3 and 4 have kinks that need to be worked out, or is it just that time-consuming to post new chapters at AO3? I wouldn’t know, never having posted anything but comments there.

    In any case, I’m glad to see that you were able to not only figure out what was wrong with chapter 2, but implement the solution before you ran out of already written material.

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  6. I admit myself bemused by the image of a “throwing pike” – that just seems awkward, not to mention far too heavy to carry multiples of them. The terms that immediately jump to mind (obviously biased by the starting point, but still) are “spike” or “pick”, both of which I’ve seen in this context before.

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    1. Yeah, I guess I’ve been mentally translating it javelin, or sorta plumbata (sp?).

      My understanding is that in canon Kirito throws spikes or picks, which are essentially what Naruto calls senbon.

      At least one type of Roman army had two types of javelin in their standard gear. Romans also sometimes used a shorter-than-a-javelin heavy dart, which I guess was weighted with lead, hence the name.

      IIRC, Pikes are pretty much the longest spear ever used in war.

      OT, Gygax was aware of his Swiss heritage. This Swiss fielded mercenary armies using a variety of pole-arms. This is apparently why some versions of D&D had extensive pole-arm tables.

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