Earring Tales: Silken Photographs

Photographing earrings made with silk-finish beads has variable results. For example, here’s a pair I just got photographed: Santa Rosa Island Sunrise.

Island Sunrise1

And here’s one of the same earrings, at a slightly different angle and in stronger sunlight.

Island Sunrise3blog

And the same earring again, taken at a different angle of sun, propped up on a palmetto leaf when I took the picture.

Island Sunrise5blog

Yep. That lovely fine-grooved finish casts back the light a lot like silk fibers do… meaning any one photograph really doesn’t give you the full effect.

12 different colors in these. 🙂 It’s a tricky but symmetrical pattern, so once you get half of a row done you have a small amount of cheat for the rest. Just mirror it!

Note, the fine grooves of the silk finish mean that they can’t round off the bead edges as well as they would regular Delica beads; it’d melt the grooving. So silk beads don’t lock together quite as closely as other Delica colors.

Comments, suggestions welcome. 🙂

Santa Rosa Island Sunrise Earrings.

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