21 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch3 up on AO3

  1. >“Tsk! Next ye’ll be wanting them to have a paladin.” Tetsutora’s lips curled in a fangs-hidden grin. >
    -Looks at previous conversations in snippet posts-
    “HA HA”
    Careful what you ask for granny.

    >”We need the cub, Stheno.”>
    Nice argument Tetsutora but trust me: you REALLY don’t want to convert Kirito unless he gives the OK of his complete free will. Because if you forced or tricked it onto him, there would be blood on the walls. And then it would get worse.

    You’ll just have to be happy with Argo the little ratsnake.

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    1. There’s hints that Kirito may qualify for something even rarer than Cato-blooded Medusa.

      And if in six he picks his next favored enemy, it might be dragon, and that might mean beating Heathcliff first.

      I’m excited. For so many reasons.

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      1. *eyes latest chapter* *eyes discussion on latest chapter* Kirito is going to turn into a youkai/lycan as a direct result of his last battle with Kayaba, isn’t he? It definitely fits with the whole ‘Kayaba is a bastard’ thing going on. “Congratulations on working so hard to beat the game as a, mostly, mundane human so you can return home. As your reward, you are not returning home, and you are no longer human. 😁👍🎉”

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    2. *G* Testutora is likely to facepalm at some point. Because the irony, it burns worse than silver….

      And yes. Kirito has plans for his life. Part of them involve monkeywrenching Kayaba any way he can. If Kayaba’s aiming for non-humans….

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      1. > If Kayaba’s aiming for non-humans….>
        So Kirito is going to do his damnedest to stay completely normal. And he will, because that kid is just that freaking stubborn.

        Aside from the little things like the sorcery, and the shadow magic, and the ranger, and the moonsword, and the super hacker, and-and-and-

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      2. I’ve not read the Alicization Arc and I’m iffy on whether I will or not, but I do recall ALO and the implication that Kirito had been sort of designated as the “heir” to Kayaba’s vision for Full Dive gaming.

        What are the chances that we’ll see him pull something similar here?

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    3. Internal thoughts: Heh, I hear tha- *double takes*

      >> […]Argo the little ratsnake.



      HOW DID I NOT SEE THE RATTLESNAKE PUN BEFORE THIS?! I mean, we had two different comment chains as readers making jokes about ‘Argo the Rat’ vs ‘Argo the Snake’ on the first snippet where Argo’s adoption was revealed. How did I not spot this pun?!

      …Whelp. I surrender to our author’s superior intellect. I am humbled and defeated.

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      1. ‘Daw, that’s adorable. But also less well known and so not as immediately recognizable a pun. It does add an extra meta layer of joke on to Argo going Medusae though.

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