Earring Tales: Iced Wine

Sometimes making earrings isn’t nearly as hard as making the pics.

Ice Wine8

Took some experimenting to get these photographed to true-color. Tried a bunch of my usual spots; in direct sun, in shadow, on a lawn chair arm for partial shadow, among others. But this one came out the best. It was taken propped against a board fence, so there was some shadow and a slightly different angle of light than my other pics. Why this one came out so well in comparison, who knows. It was also partly cloudy, so timing of light and shadow above may have been a factor.

Anyway. Purples! 🙂

Iced Wine Earrings.


4 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Iced Wine

  1. Finding a good way to photograph Stained Glass is also difficult. Especially when it looks different even to the naked eye depending on whether the light is behind it or in front of it. I definitely know the feeling of trying to find a spot with the light just right so that the photograph will manage to come even slightly close to looking right.

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