Monstrous Compendium Ch6 bit – GM Review

It’s dead. Stheno stalked away from the fragments of a dragon-crafted nightmare, trying not to let her knees shake. Later she might rage, and weep. Right now there was no room in her numb heart for anything but exhausted relief… and slow-growing, gnawing terror.

They should have died. They should have all died. A psiwasp nest – it took Euryale leading our forces to destroy the last. None of these players are as strong as she was! None of them could be. The game isn’t even half over.

They should have died. Without Aeris’ Healing Rain to aid Issin’s firebird – many of them would have.

And Aeris’ interference had cost them all. Every true youkai here had an icon hanging in their field of view; a red hexagon, scribed with Actions under GM review.

I’ll review you, you fire-breathing lizard. Perhaps there are rumors of nests in Xen’drik. But there’s no reason to throw these children against monsters none in Khorvaire have seen for centuries!

Unless the ancient red dragon knew something they didn’t.

Stheno chafed her arms to ward off the chill, and looked for her adopted ashrat. Argo might claim she was fit to fight, but no one adapted that quickly to becoming youkai. In the true Aincrad it might not have mattered. In SAO – it could be deadly.


The edge of the clearing where the nest had hung. There stood Argo, and the lump of sodden comb, and Fuurinkazan. And one young draconic lass half hiding behind Dynamm as Klein blistered the air. “What’s happened?”

“Doesn’t ever think, need a damn leash– um.” Klein scratched the back of his head, bandanna bright in the afternoon sun. “Lady Stheno. Kirito just took off. Again.”


31 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch6 bit – GM Review

      1. Sure they will. All that takes is a very simple trick: it’s called ‘giving the other end of the leash to Asuna’.

        Won’t always keep him out of trouble, but it’ll help, certainly.

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  1. >Unless the ancient red dragon knew something they didn’t.>
    Said lizard would probably say he knows a lot of things the Youkai Lords don’t.

    >“Kirito just took off. Again.”>
    And in other news, water remains wet.

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    1. Water may be wet, but ice isn’t. Nothing to do with the above, just kinda occurred to me. Hmmm… I’m sure I can find an appropriate application for this bit of philosophical nonsense somewhere. *stalks off attempting to not rub hands together like a 90’s cartoon villain* *doesnt succeed*

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  2. I got the feeling that Kirito just got a hunch/suspicion according to which he better be somewhere else, maybe about the unbalanced situation? maybe he thought that his level was the cause for the nest appearing/quest being available?

    Or maybe he suspected another event about to happen now-like the attack on the town he mentioned to sachi-and went to check?

    option three is that he hid so that he won’t be relied on anymore-combat’s over and they don’t need him, so better disappear…

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  3. The explanation for the nest is going to be interesting, especially if it seems like someone is inserting extra things into the game. Or these ‘special quests’ are there to test the Eberron side….

    And it seems Tae and Dynamm are going to be a pair…

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      1. Probably one of my favorites. It’s all about class warfare, racism, and cultural mythologizing of sports. And it’s handled as spectacularly as T. Pratchett always does.

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  4. Huh, wonder if the players can see that symbol? Also, what’s Kayaba going to do, throw them all out of the system? That would cause too many problems…
    (Like a horde of doom, the plot bunnies rise from the darkness, red eyes gleaming in the gloom as they start to emit a chittering, insectoid like sound)
    …whelp, they’re either getting ready to eat me or they’re laughing. Possibly both.

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    1. It’s a reference to the Psiwasp nest. They need part of it for a quest, and some of it was set on fire. They probably put water on the fire, and the unburnt stuff is now wet.

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  5. 1. Chapter Six. 2. Who or what is here for him to run from? 3. Who or what is not here for him to run towards? 4. I wonder if Akihiko Kayaba’s life insurance covers acts of Kirito? 5. Thanks.

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  6. Given Beniryuu must have had some reason to make this offer in the first place… and as a Dragon of Eberron that probably means he saw something in the Draconic Prophecies… I’m gonna say yes, he knows some things he’s not sharing. But this specific choice is probably just him being a bastard

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