Post-NaNo Update: Making a Splash

Part of the difficulty in the big fight in Seeds of Blood is that it’s several different small fights that are all going to bounce off each other.

I think I’ve almost got all the smaller fights started. Then it’ll be a matter of running them into each other at Murphy-induced times, plus dodging the Very Big Battle going on around everybody.

(Because of course It Got Worse.)

…And if this seems less than coherent, yes, it probably is. Place I had to go today had far stronger room deodorizer than normal, who knows why, and my head still feels like someone used it as a wrecking ball.

But progress has been made! Fire vs. fire vs. water vs. “all reality is an illusion….”

And hopefully it’ll all end with a heck of a lightshow. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Making a Splash

  1. So, this going to be an epic running of Awesome meets the Running of the Bulls meets Mortal Kombat meets the bar room brawl? No wonder it’s being such a pain.

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