Post-NaNo Update: Counting Pages

Remember how I mentioned I’ve been dragging myself through this fight scene in Seeds of Blood?

That’s still in progress, but I got the chance to print out the “written so far” bits today. About 20 pages. In 10-point font.

…This is a loooooong fight scene.

It kind of has to be, given all the sub-fights and various backstabs that happen. (Because Evil. It’s a given.) But I didn’t realize it’d be this long.  No wonder my brain had it marked as a Problem Area, solve all the smaller problems first….

I do at least have a sketch for about half the various events, and the end written. Hopefully by the time I run out of sketch, I’ll have ideas to sketch the second half.

One of the interesting things is making sure all the characters who made it to the final battle have something important to do. Because if they made it there, they’ve got to be crucial to beating the bad guys!

This has involved plumbing mythology, and at least one call-back to what happened to a detective in A Net of Dawn and Bones. That guy learned a valuable lesson. And someone’s going to find that out the hard way….



4 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Counting Pages

  1. Hey, battles are awful. The entire last book in the Wheel of Time series is composed of the last battle. (I don’t read them but my dad does. He says the characters and relationships got much better after Robert Jordan died and someone else finished the series. For one thing, Robert Jordan couldn’t write a strong female character without making her a prejorative, which means all his relationships were unbalanced and that the men were leaving and spending as much time away from home as possible to get away from the shrew there.) (My Dad had five daughters, he pays attention to how a female is portrayed.)

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    1. Same. I liked the series, and while Nynaeve was the worst offender, way too many of the female characters were tsundere-esque characters. You can be a strong, independent female without tearing down your partner at every opportunity… I think Min came closest in-universe, if my memory is correct. Another thing that improved after Jordan passed was that Rand (the main character) was finally allowed to get out of the depressed, paranoid rut he’d been in since about book 6 or so. Looking back, I’m surprised I completed the series. Must be because I started it in high school….

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  2. Plumbing mythology? What would myths about plumbing have to do with anything related to the ‘Net of Dawn and Bones’ sequel? Is there a ghost in the pipes? A demon with a wicked (heh) case of plumber’s crack? … Ooooooooohhh… it’s the verb, not the type of mythology. That makes more sense. Oops.

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