Monstrous Compendium Ch6 bit – Guild Offer

“First Klein, now you, Dynamm.” Issin nibbled on a rib, whiskers flicking. “New sets of armor are going to take a bite out of the guild budget.”

“Ouch,” Harry One agreed. He didn’t just look like a pirate; he had a mercenary way with numbers that had surprised even Agil into giving them a bargain, once or twice.

“We got a good bonus from the nest raid,” Kunimittz shrugged. “And we’re going up levels anyway. We’d have to trade it in sooner or later.”

“Point,” Dale agreed, rubbing a sasumata made of thought between his fingers. “If we have to get higher-level armor made anyway, getting it made light for a flyer won’t cost that much more.”

Dynamm’s going to get to fly. Klein couldn’t hide a grin. This is going to be awesome.

Though there was one tiny detail they still needed to get straightened out. “Tae? Said it before, but I’m going to say it again. Good job following those wasps.”

Pearly scales glowed against her blush. “I – I had to. Someone had to.”

“Just one thing wrong with your plan,” Klein said seriously. “You didn’t have any backup. Not in the air. Kirito’s fast, but he can’t fly.”

Tae winced. “You’re right,” she said in a small voice. “That was stupid.”

“Not stupid,” Klein said firmly. “Just, not good. You could fly. We couldn’t. Somebody had to chase them.” He shrugged. “So, looks to me like Dynamm could end up in the same mess, if the monsters keep getting worse. We can all try to get rings of air-walking, but those aren’t cheap, and I don’t know if any player wizards can make them yet. That means the only ones out there are drops, and you never know when those might run out of charge. So….” He looked around his guild, one brow raised in a silent question.

Five nods. And if Dynamm’s was a little fever-fuzzy around the edges, his smile was bright enough to light the whole loft.

“Tae Mistfeather.” Klein held out his hand. “We’d like to invite you to join Fuurinkazan.”

She blanched, cheeks almost as pale as her hair.


“I want to.” Tae chafed her hands over each other, pearly claws ticking against each other like a distant keyboard. “But there are things you don’t know about me.” One tear trickled down her cheek, followed fast by another. “Things you wouldn’t ever believe.”


26 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch6 bit – Guild Offer

  1. >Dynamm’s going to get to fly. Klein couldn’t hide a grin. This is going to be awesome.>
    Long as he learns proper maneuvering. There are fewer things more embarrassing/painful for a flyer then clipping and/or crashing directly into a tree.
    >“Things you wouldn’t ever believe.”>
    Leaks occurring all over the place here.

    Though unless Tae is telling them even this level of information at the same time Stheno is distracting Beniryuu, this might end badly for her.

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  2. The build up to the revelation is wonderful. I can’t wait to see it in full. I have a feeling that the idea that some players are going to react ok and some are going to do something stupid (glares at Kiabou)

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  3. Hypothesis: Paladins can be similar to a certain kind of magical girl on some matters.

    What would Ichigo do? (Functionally, Ichigo Kurosaki is that kind of magical girl.)

    “Shut up and join. That’s for another day, and we’ll handle it then.”

    (Yeah, yeah, I don’t have the voice right.)

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      1. No, no, no. It’s a Feat Tree. It allows them to make a Charisma/Diplomacy check to Inspire a group of allies (and shift an enemy’s attitude towards friendly post-fight) after posing and giving a dramatic speech. The poses/speech may look hella cool, but they don’t have to.

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      2. Some versions of Paladin have some sort of buff that comes from divinely inspired physical grace?

        I vaguely recall Paks getting some good information about who to trust, and who not to trust.

        These are among the reasons I think a super eye for people might be a good fit for Paladin.

        If I were doing a D&D themed fighting magical girl team, the team leader often gets that ‘power’, and hence would be a good choice for that sort of Paladin.

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      1. >…Which kind of magical girl? Doesn’t quite seem like a Sailor Moon type.>
        Pretty Cure. I seem to recall that bunch tend to go for the fist-a-cuffs route.

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      2. Nanoha is also sorta fisticuffs and defeat means friendship, and the heart reading stuff. I’m pretty sure there are versions of PreCure with the heart reading stuff, since there are so many.

        The Sailor Senshi were a combination of magical girl and sentai, and I understand run on both sets of tropes. IIRC, Moon was the one with the implicit people reading power, but it didn’t necessarily extend to the disguise of the week.

        Maybe Sakura from Card Captor and the redhead, I want to say Hikaru, from Magic Knight Rayearth.

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      3. I came to magical girl anime from a perspective that is systemically distrustful and specifically assumes that my ‘eye for people’ is not to be relied on.

        I often had the reaction ‘Okay, upon what basis are you trusting these people?’ I eventually figured that it is a genre convention. Some magical girls implicitly have a super power of being that good at reading people. At knowing that someone should be trusted, or is really good at heart.

        (This is part of what Madoka deconstructs. The cute animal mascots, who girls trust, are not really trustworthy. I kinda thought the ending of Madoka sounded like a cop out.)

        Ichigo, in addition to the other magical girl tropes, does do that heart knowing stuff. The examples that come to mind are from the Fullbring arc, and the Quincy blood war.

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      4. This ‘power’ serves several ends. 1. Knowing that the animal mascots are trustworthy, and their cause worthy. 2. Knowing some of how to fix people’s emotional problems and lives. 3. Handling friends are enemies situations a) brainwashed b) blackmailed c) abusive parents etc…

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  4. Huh. I suspect an “Emergency Transformation” trope was triggered for some of this chapter.

    Also: Hooo-boy. Things just got interesting.

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