Earring Tales: Autumn Dragon

Someone asked for green and coppery.

Autumn Dragon7

Someone else watching me put these together said they were neither green nor especially coppery. Hm.

At least I seem to be getting the hang of this more complicated pattern. I still have to consult notes when I’m working, and label what colors I’m using where. Given it’s a 12-color design, I probably will need to keep doing that. The diamonds are 4-color, fairly easy to keep track of what goes where!


Autumn Dragon Earrings.

Oh, and in case anyone’s interested, next pair I’m working on will be diamonds in yellows with orange.  Because I hadn’t done much with yellows. 😉


4 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Autumn Dragon

  1. I really admire the earrings you have been doing lately. The blends of colors have been just lovely. This particular blend would not have occurred to me, but it’s wonderful. I like how the summer green goes autumnal and then almost wintery at the bottom.

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    1. Thanks! 😉 I’m told I have somewhat unusual tastes in putting colors together; I’m glad they work out well more often than not.

      …The way I look at it, people can find “usual color combos” easily enough for jewelry. I’m trying to make things that aren’t as common, so hopefully they’ll catch the interest of someone who says, “That’s just right for me!” 🙂


  2. Orange and yellow, hum? I don’t supposed you do bracelets or necklaces? I do like the color patterns you select, but I’m not one for earrings…

    Kind of makes me want to get back into cross stitching and embroidery. Except I’m lazy… or maybe too picky. If I get off pattern I get annoyed; it’s why I like the stuff that comes with the pattern set in washable ink. Downside is there aren’t that many patterns to choose from.

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