Monstrous Compendium Ch6 bit – Adapting

“You’re a Moonsword. A lot of your magic’s aimed at fighting lycan infections, right?” Isshin’s whiskers fanned out as he braced his guildmate; flattened back as reddened skin discolored and stretched. “Don’t suppose you’ve got anything that could help this go any easier?”

Kirito looked at Dynamm, and Tae’s worried tears, and their entwined hands. “…Let me check some notes.”

Somehow, it didn’t surprise Klein that Kirito had a lot of notes.

Argo says they keep poking what they know about Draconic, Klein recalled. Issin’s bought some interesting augment phrases off of her….

And Kirito had stopped flipping, lingering on a specific page. Klein leaned forward, even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to read half the words floating in air. “Found something?”

“Maybe.” Kirito’s lips moved soundlessly, shaping the words. He frowned. “The spell wasn’t meant for this. But darkfire’s tied to the Plane of Shadow, so maybe….”

“What does that mean?” Dynamm managed, panting. “I thought all the outer planes were tied to Aincrad’s moons. And there’s no shadow moon.”

“Shadow’s not an outer plane,” Issin filled him in, handing Tae a cloth to wipe some of the sweat off her boyfriend’s brow. “Shadow’s a part of this world; just like the ethereal plane is, where you find ghosts and spirits. Just kind of… sideways to us.”

“Sideways, and behind,” Kirito agreed; half-gloved hands fingering air, testing out the motions he’d need to cast. “Shadows holds reflections of everything in this world. Even magic already at work. Argo has some ideas for double fireballs….” He let the words die, and took a deep breath. “I have a spell meant to let you adapt to a deadly environment. Like a blazing desert, or a hoarfell, or even a typhoon trying to drown you.”

“Um.” Klein scratched his head. “That’s not exactly what we’ve got here.”

“It all depends on how you define environment.” A fleeting grin lit Kirito’s  face. “If you’re caught in a fireball – that’s an environment, too.”


26 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch6 bit – Adapting

  1. Ah humanity, what can’t you bend, twist and mutilate into serving your own purposes?

    I suspect Beniryuu is going to be cursing the fact that he let the players learn draconic and all the spell-warping that allows.

    Because while he wanted to change the rules of magic, he certainly didn’t expect mortals to end up potentially getting an edge over him as a result.

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  2. And now I really, really want to see the brainstorming sessions between Kirito, Argo, and whoever gets roped in as they sit down and has out stuff like “getting caught in a fireball’s an environment too.”

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    1. >…ow?>
      Not just painful. There needs to be a lot of magic involved to make up for the biomass and energy required for the Medusa/Draconic transformation.

      Because for the first you’re growing snakes out of your skull requiring a massive rework of the local skeletal (they’re all anchored to your skull), nervous (the snakes are ultimately controlled by the Medusa meaning you have to run the nerves into the brain) and circulatory (enough blood flow to support the snakes) systems.

      Ergo a Medusa could be even more vulnerable to a head blow then a human considering that the blood vessels/nerves are either running through holes in the skull (weakening overall strength) or going over it to the base of the neck (unprotected).

      As for the Draconics, you’re growing two huge great honking wings from your shoulder blades. Aside from the biomass needed for said structures, you also need to rework the local skeletal and muscular system in order get these new limbs to attach properly.

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  3. to be the fly on the wall, when Stheno realizes about the notes… when she sees kirito and argo compare notes, scheme and munchkin to go at problems sideways.

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  4. It is interesting that in this game, being an intelligent munchkin or a min/maxer is a positive survival trait on the frontlines. Even those who would usually dislike such stuff will take advantage of any options/loopholes that improve their chance of survival. Combined with some very lateral thinking, a dragon might not even notice how things have gone off the rails.

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    1. I read your post and my mind conjured this crazy mental image of Sabin suplexing Doom Train onto Beniryuu’s head from out of nowhere.

      …why don’t any of Kirito’s crew use Martial Arts as their primary method of fighting? (Other than SAO canon making it useless as a primary combat skill though useful as a support/back-up combat skill).

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      1. Because every time they try, Cardinal gets a migraine over the grapple rules and the world bugs out and lags :V.

        (More seriously, because in real life, you’re pretty much always going to be better with a sharp stick than with your bare hands. Just the reach alone… At some point they’ll find out some of the bullshit that a trained D&D monk can do and some people will start exploring that possibility, but it’s not really one that’d occur to most IRL people. *Especially* martial artists – most dojo teach the use of weapons at the higher levels.

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  5. That – that is *not* how endure elements –

    *headdesks* God dammit, Kirito. You’re giving my inner GM migraines :P. I just bet you’re the kind of person to abuse the MIC mechanics to make shield shirts on the cheap, too >.>

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    1. >That – that is *not* how endure elements –>
      When you can tweak the coding of spells, many things become possible.

      After all the baseline is:
      -Like a blazing desert, or a hoarfell, or even a typhoon trying to drown you.-

      He’s going ‘here is a spell that is semi-close to the effect I want to achieve’. Now he just needs to ‘reprogram’ it in order to to want he needs.

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    2. Except it totally is isn’t it?

      Endure Elements does give a low level of Energy Resistance. And the poor man’s Planar Adaptation is just a high-enough level Resist Energy spell tuned to the energy type of the plane you’re visiting.

      He’s actually got DnD mechanics somewhat backing him up on this one… Though Lord knows I’d be watching him​ like a hawk if he sat at my gaming table.

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