Monstrous Compendium Ch6 bit – Choosing Enemies

“It’s already over.” The Moonsword straightened, catching his breath. “It lasts a few hours, or until it absorbs a certain amount of damage.” He rolled his shoulders, as if trying to shrug off a phantom ache of wings. “If it was expended that fast… you might want to keep another heal ready.”

Ouch, Klein winced. Leaned back against hay, watching the rest of the guys lean in and snark as Tae fussed and fidgeted with Dynamm’s wings, running claws and wing-claws through feathers to get them to lay just right. And thought about guilds, and idiot stubborn solos, and obligations. “You know we’ll pay you back for the venom, right?”

“This wasn’t a boss fight. It was a rescue.” Kirito fixed him with a stern look. “I would have gone in for anyone.”

Yeah, you probably would have. And the kid thought he didn’t like people. “Still-”

“If you want to pay me back, help me get the mats to make more,” Kirito shrugged. “Argo says the Knights of the Blood Oath found a new wizard’s library near their latest headquarters. I want to spend a few hours away from the front lines to do a little research.”

Oh, and that didn’t sound ominous. “Research?” Klein said warily. “Into what?”

Kirito’s smile was cold as shadows. “How to slay a dragon.”



29 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch6 bit – Choosing Enemies

  1. Good thing Eberron doesn’t have Google, otherwise Beniryuu would notice a sudden spike in worrying search topics.

    And Kirito is going to get Beniryuu’s hide, or die trying. Which comes with horrifying implications considering we are talking Japanese.

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      1. Please, considering the sheer size of an ancient dragon (and the tensile strength of their teeth) he could probably commission a perfectly usable dragon-fang rapier for her.

        Or whatever weapon she’s using in this TL.

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      2. >*G* Rapier it is.>
        Wait, wait. Just had a thought.

        This is Asuna we’re talking about, and it is Kirito giving her the gift.

        So it will be a rapier and a complete set of every possible kitchen tool she could ever want. 😉

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      3. >
        “You need the claws for what?”
        “…Don’t ask, you’ve never tried her shredded salad, just don’t ask….”
        You think that’s nuts for use of dragon parts, try this brainstorm done by another DM.

        Slime ranching.

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      4. >Eep.>
        No crazier then Kirito milking cockatrices. Sure he has the ring but still, not an activity one would generally label as sane.

        Besides think of the money to be made from a steady supply of alchemical material/magical ingredients from rendering down some of the ‘herd’. There’s also all the acids the slimes would produce for metalworking etc. Not as potent as a black dragon’s acid but a lot safer to collect.

        But most of all, it’s for the sheer WTF expressions on the players when the druid (that is assoicated with the ranchers) they are fighting, turns not into a bear or giant ape but a massive gelatinous cube that engulfs half the party.

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      5. >…Tell me someone got in Ghostbusters II jokes. 😉 Was the druid Vigo the Carpathian?

        Unfortunately the DM didn’t do that in his ramble. Though when sketching up the idea he did have the Greenboot clan have their trademark acid-proof gloves and hipwaders/boots from the hide of the dread Green dragon Zobarythrex (whose name he apparently based off a brand-name anti-depressant).

        Though of the founders of the clan (they were two of the adventures that had killed the dragon) one called this idea “the craziest plan I’ve ever heard, and I snuck into a Medusa’s lair disguised as a snake!”

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  2. So Kirito picks up the first favored enemy? And yes, a dragon can be useful, and so many people would appreciate some gifts. Asuna might even work out a recipe for dragon steak.

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    1. Dunno about that last one. If I was a player, I’d be all for a pair of dragon hide boots, but I don’t think I could stomach eating a sentient creature, no matter how much of a dick it was in life…

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      1. To be fair to Lina there were two types of dragons. One were the Dragon Gods – which were exactly what they sound like. The others were big, giant, dumb beasts.

        It was for killing those (often in over-the-top highly destructive manners) that gained her the name Dragon Spooker.

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