Post-NaNo Update: More of Fight Slain

Picture: a battered, bedraggled author, armored in laminated sheets of scrap paper, stabbity crystal black-ink pen in one hand, mocha mug gripped in the other.

Pan out to a wide and smoky plain, where scraps of scene lie fallen, bleeding the earth red (and sometimes blue, green, or pencil lead gray).

Focus in. The author is muttering something. Sounds like… “Not yet at Pratchett Limit, damn it….”

Alarm! A blank page has appeared, fanged with scene notes, cackling about painting the characters into impossible corners. It lunges, it hisses, it tears! Oh, the humanity!

Grimly, the author slashes and stabs. “Don’t get it right, get it written! Move faster! Send in the plot ninjas!

Fire and light. Claws catch on clear plastic. Scrap paper shurikens whiz through the air, distracting the creature from its dread move – Writer’s Block.

Squealing, the page keels over.

“150 words.” Panting, the author picks up the cracked mug, and takes a slug of lukewarm chocolate. “Right. Need more written….”

Eyes on the horizon, sets out in search of further fragments to battle.

A/N: Pratchett Limit – 400 words in a day.  Ascribed to Sir Terry as the minimum an author should strive for to keep the book moving.


17 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: More of Fight Slain

    1. RL sucks. Sucks a lot. Every time I think I have things under control, something else goes wrong. I don’t know what I did to the Universe, but I want to punch something right in the nose.

      …Given that writing generally takes a sense of calm so you can reach meditative flow, this has meant that no, the fight scene has not gone well.

      But I refuse to quit.


      1. Refusal to quit is a good thing. It certainly helps grit your teeth and plow forward. I’d offer shoulder rubs as a way to at least relax internal tension, but that’s not feasible is it?

        In other news, my dog is gnawing on my door hinge. She is so ridiculous. She’s growling to herself and settling in against the door. Where she always sleeps. (I lost the battle to have them up on the bed with me because they get too hot. And then none of us get any peace.)

        I’m sending virtual Dark chocolate covered almonds sprinkled with sea salt your way as support. (Trader Joe’s, in case your interested.)

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  1. I’m truly sorry life is trying to prove itself a mother for you lately. Sometimes all you can do is roll with it and find something that helps you keep focus. Hopefully there isn’t a lot of actual pain involved, those can really shut your concentration down.

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  2. Sorry to hear that RL is difficult for you. I’m currently dealing with the first week of a new job – looks like it’s going to be a very nice place, but it’s still a significant (and tiring) change of pace. Oof.

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  3. I’m sorry that the fight scene and life are continuing to be a pain. We are all rooting for you!

    In other news, the TV Tropes page has been updated and now has a character sheet! Hopefully it can give you a boost!

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