Post-NaNo Update: Staring at Pages

Thank you, everyone who added stuff to the TV Tropes pages on A Net of Dawn and Bones. I’ve already found some stuff that will be useful for continuity checks!  🙂

Currently on Seeds of Blood, I’m staring at about 6 pages of fight-scene related stuff in 10-point font.

Why 10-point? Two good reasons. First, and purely mercenary – I type documents in 12-point, printing them in 10-point saves me a little cash. Second, the smaller font rearranges all the words on the page, and that lets me edit more easily and effectively, because they don’t “look” like the text I’ve been working on. So my brain is less likely to skip over something that’s gone wrong.

Some books I’ve read advise changing font styles for editing purposes. I’ve tried that, it makes me tear my hair out. The different shapes of the letters is just too distracting. So a different font size works best for me.

So. Six pages. Some text, some notes. From the last bit of the fight scene I’ve worked out so far, to the Final Scene of the fight where stuff comes crashing down. I need to get from point A to point B.

…The pages are mocking me….

Ahem. Actually it’s just been a very long day, RL-mess wise. Lots of errands, family pet to vet checkup, fallout from that…. Someone else at the vet had their half-grown dog with them, who was nosy but otherwise well-behaved until the tech brought our elderly dog out to go home – then turned into a whirling, barking fury bent on tearing somebody to shreds. I have scratches. And teethmarks. And not much sympathy for my fellow hominid or canine ATM.

On top of that there’s part of a written scene that might need to get moved a little earlier in the fight.  Suspect I’m going to be poking that tonight.

(I am not a dog person. I will never be a dog person. Grump.)


11 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Staring at Pages

  1. I’m sorry that someone’s really poorly trained dog ruined your day(and I hope yours is okay, that can be stressful indeed.)

    Honestly, it is training, I have new puppies and we’re still working with them, but it would never get to that point(the only time we had a dog bite someone, they had broken into our house.) I’m hoping life gives you a break, seems like you really need it, do you have something nice coming up? Or even a day just for you?

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    1. Our dog is highly stressed, hoping to give him a quiet night to calm down. He got all the shots, etc., today, this was the last thing he needed.

      As for me – well, I have 12 Beast vol. 3 and 4 on order, hopefully they’ll show up this weekend. And after the past week I darn well deserve them….


  2. My parents fostered two Anatolian Shepherds (think cross between a Great Dane and a Labrador) who had come from an abusive home before they had been rescued. They were very skittish, but after a while settled down.

    And then I got cats. Which redefined their level of chill, funnily enough.

    Once the bigs got used to the cats’ scents, they were (carefully) introduced to one another. They rather hit it off quite nicely, all things considered, to the point where a dog behavioral specialist* kind of did a double take at the fact the male Anatolian, Tanner, was perfectly content to be used as a springboard by one of my cats looking for higher ground.

    About two years after I moved out with my two cats, my parents rescued a stray cat whose owner no longer wanted her. And Tanner has once more been put to use as a springboard and/or soft wall to crash into, to his long suffering amusement and my parents’ entertainment. Fun fact: Cats slide like toy race cars on LVT surfaces. Even cats need friction to hit the breaks!

    *The specialist had been called in because of the //other// rescue, a small yappy elderly dog who’d recently joined the family and needed some help learning how not to pee in the house. He’s now got it figured out. …90% of the time, anyway.

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    1. Fun fact: Cats slide like toy race cars on LVT surfaces.

      We had a cat who would deliberately carom off the walls.

      She also liked to use the transition between the wood floor and the kitchen linoleum as a starting block to run away whenever someone stepped on a certain part of the wood hallway behind her. She looked very put out the one time my brother deliberately stopped with his foot hovering over the “trigger spot”.

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  3. My first reaction was envy – none of my stuff has a tropes page yet -pouts-

    I’m sorry you got bitten (bit?). I hope it’s not terrible and you’re fine. I also hope the elderly dog is okay. Sounds like Murphy needs to stop looking at you for a while.

    … that doesn’t mean he needs to look at me! -knocks on wood, crosses fingers, and looks around for salt-

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    1. Eh, I’ve been around a while. And I’m pretty sure I know who started the page because they were Amused. I’ve never been able to log into TV Tropes myself, it kept bouncing me out every time I tried to set up an account!

      Murphy apparently likes whatever I keep on my shelves and in my fridge. Or maybe my multiple layers of covers. Who knows.

      …Murhpy as chocoholic? It’d explain a lot….

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  4. Honestly, I’m just surprised that your vet doesn’t have a backdoor for departing patients, for just this kind of reason… especially if there’s a patient that has to be put to sleep *sniffle* it can be very upsetting for both the animals AND their humans.
    Hope your dog is back to their normal temperament soon.
    …if you’re more a cat than dog person, have you read The Cinder Spires by Jim Butcher? There’s a whole society of sentient cats in that, including a major POV character.

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