Post-NaNo Update: Verses and Headaches

So far tonight on Seeds of Blood I’ve moved one fragmentary scene into another where it made more sense time and plan-wise. (The characters making the plans, not me. What, do I look like I had this all planned?)

Edited that, and it looks like it’s going to fit and make sense. Whew.

Now… it looks like I have three scenebits I still need, where one character is putting in a last-ditch effort, the Bad Guys are going to try and stop them, and the rest of the good guys are going to give it everything they’ve got.

I also need an edit to one of the scenes after this, ’cause two characters ended up turning up that I didn’t anticipate when I first roughed out the idea. As heroic characters are wont to do.

I think I might work on that edit first, because brain is currently blanking on what the bad guys are going to try in the roughly minute-and-a-half the plan needs to fire. And how our heroes might counter, because they are seriously tapped out right now. Fighting off a whole demonic invasion tends to do that….

But once I get those done? (Probably not tonight, maybe even not tomorrow, but….)

Once I get those done, the final battle scene will finally be complete.

And then it’ll be editing. Lots and lots of editing. But the arc of the story will be done. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

…Knowing Murphy, it’s probably an oncoming train.

(Then again, maybe that’s why writing Kabaneri fluff helps?)


12 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Verses and Headaches

  1. As heroic characters are wont to do.

    Part of being a Hero is having your Dramatic Entrances . . . sometimes even on your author as well as your audience.

    I think I shall paraphrase a quote: A hero is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he most needs to.

    …Knowing Murphy, it’s probably an oncoming train.

    A big one.

    Or trains, parallel, as in many of them.

    Because we all know how fond Murphy is of the phrase “Just one more thing . . .”

    Even when the writer howls “Save something for the sequel, gosh darn it!”

    Murphy: “Don’t worry about the sequel. I have plans. Mwa-haha!”

    In other news, Murphy and Bunnies seem have to renewed their Unholy Alliance for another eternity . . .

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    1. Dramatic Entrances aye. Although in this case they actually managed to get dragged onto the fishing boat that’s really- Ahem. Not giving that bit away yet. 😉

      *Sheepish* I actually do have an idea for the sequel. It’s still vague, but involves “What happened to the other hell-raiders?”

      And yes. Murphy and Bunnies are like bacon and pancakes. Only you have to stab breakfast before it stabs you….

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    1. There is a river. A relatively small river, but a river. (Intrepid is Asheville’s stunt double. So yep, a river.)

      As for what happened to the other hell-raiders… Myrrh very much wants to know. After all, when she died 26 years ago, she was not the last one.

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      1. And dear Steve does water. I hope for interesting watery action.
        Did Steven have something to do with the other hell-raiders’ demise? I didn’t get the impression in Net that he knew of any others. But it may have been due to having dealt with them long ago.
        And if they all died…. well… hell is large, Myrrh may not have run into them. Or they went to heaven in a final death scenario. Or they are imprisoned somehow… I look forward to whatever the Bunnies come up with.

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  2. “Fighting off a whole demonic invasion” – well either the Demongate is at least partially open or some sorcerers have done something incredibly stupid. Possibly both… But the good guys have a Plan! Hopefully it won’t involve too much destruction. I feel sorry for Church if she has to deal with paperwork for that!

    In regards to the river, that’s possibly concerning. Has Steven done anything to it I wonder, because if I was a crazy water mage I would have made sure my potential source of power and ammunition had some surprises.

    Yay for the light at the end of the tunnel though!

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  3. I’ll see your Murphy and raise you the day you posted this was not only my grandfather’s birthday, but also the second week anniversary of his death. I’ve been spending much time with my grandmother so she isn’t lonely.

    Many good wishes for the remaining problem areas!

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