Post-NaNo Update: Clunk

The last bit of the main fight scene in Seeds of Blood is roughed.

…It’ll take more work. The whole draft will take more work – I’ll probably go through at least 3 more full edit-and-revise rounds before I start formatting into novel-like pages. But the entire sequence of events in the story is there. All the characters, all of what happens, all the odd esoteric facts and lore the bunnies dragged up out of the pits of my library and the internet, laughing maniacally. There. At last.

Note to self: Allow at least one month for the darn Final Climactic Battle Scene in future drafts. At least.  Between juggling all the characters in 4-D (space and time) and painting them into various corners I then need to get the heroes out of by the skin of their teeth, it’s exhausting to write.

But it’s roughed. Polishing next – and while polishing can be tedious and tear-your-hair-out looking for the exact right words, at least you’re polishing something that exists, instead of trying to pick what’s exactly right as you’re spinning it out of thin air.

And I managed to pick up all the stray elements that ended up tearing loose in the final scene, and weave them together into something fairly coherent. If somewhat demented. Which, well – if you’re not crazy attacking a demonic horde, there’s something wrong with you….

*Falls over. Snores.*


25 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Clunk

  1. Which, well – if you’re not crazy attacking a demonic horde, there’s something wrong with you….

    Probably attacking anything that is classified as a horde is crazy.

    But someone has to do. And someone tends to be whoever is crazy enough to ignore their survival instincts’ first impulse (to run away fast pure oh god/gods feet do not fail me, putting as much distance between them and the thing as possible) and their quaking knees to run toward the danger and kill it. Or hurt it badly enough that it can either no longer fight or has lost the desire to fight. Often knowing that them succeeding in winning is a long shot, that maybe if they were lucky, they will buy enough time with their sacrifice for their loved ones to get away.

    Of course, we already know that at least one of them is crazy. After all, no one sane goes into a hell, voluntarily, on purpose. (At least it was my understanding from what you shared of this universe that is what she did).

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    1. That’s exactly what Myrrh did, yes.

      And yes, they all know it’s a long shot. Our heroes have tried to weight some of the odds in their favor, though. And possibly succeeded in surprising various creatures….

      (BTW, my books are also on Kindle and KU if you’re looking for less-than-hardcopy prices.)

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    2. Love your description “somebody has to do it.” And isn’t that one definition of courage – not running away when everything in you is urging you to book it. I am so looking forward to this story!

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    3. Yeah, if there’s a demonic horde in the picture, conventionally sane responses are already out of the picture.

      Well… or, depending on your view, “I’mma take some of them with me” suicidal attacks to let your family get away. A lot of people may not consider it sane, but it’s a moderately common response to pretty-much-certain-death situations.

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      1. Not the least of which is that no one judges you for wanting the sharp shiny things. Or missing the times when a woman could/was expected to carry a fan, so you have the excuse for a shukusen. Or why you just need a minute

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  2. For the RWBY/Dark Souls bunny I had the idea that the female Ashen One brought together the Lord Souls, Soul of Cinder, and the Dark Soul from Gael and united them. This melding fixed the Darksign and Undead Plague at the price of the Ashen One being reborn. Guess who the Ashen One and the First Flame are? Also included are Nameless and Midir…


  3. Huzzah, most joyous news. I really enjoyed both your books and am looking forward to buying and reading this one. Thanks for the hard work.


  4. I like both your books, but please try to let there be less chattering then Count Taka had. I don’t mind some jokes and friendly chat, but as much chattering and teasing as Yris alone contributed seems out of place in Aiden and Myrh’s world.


  5. swiped from some place years ago:

    > line and dance sinuously back and forth, back and forth,
    >> as the band plays to a hot-blooded rhythm that disturbs
    >> the senses>
    >> Conga rats.

    Looking forward!


  6. oops. missed aline. It should be

    : dark-pelted rodents in slinky shoes form into a
    >> line and dance sinuously back and forth, back and forth,
    >> as the band plays to a hot-blooded rhythm that disturbs
    >> the senses
    >> Conga rats.

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