Earring Tales: Desert Sunrise

Thought I’d do another color gradient.

Sandstone Sunrise1

There’s a few specific things I find interesting about this. The first is that the color Delica calls medium coral (3rd stripe from the left on the left-hand earring) is actually different enough from light coral (5th stripe) that I could put silk medium peach in between – and possibly one or two other color shades as well. Hmm. This is just me, but I don’t think I’d trust the Delica color-makers to paint my house….

The second is that I was originally going to border the earrings with a more metallic color – gold, copper, or mica, for example. But none of them seemed to fit. Silver-lined light blue, though, was metallic in effect, nicely balanced the pinks and oranges, and went fine with the opaque shell. Didn’t expect that. 🙂

Third… well, for this set, I think I just like the effect of different finishes along with different hues on the beads. It gives more of a “sky gradation of color” to me.

Desert Sunrise earrings.


8 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Desert Sunrise

  1. ooh that’s purty.
    The two corals – the medium looks rather cool compared to the light coral two rows over. i could wear one, I could see my Teen in the other and we do NOT wear the same warmths of red. the frame is a sky-ish color which may be a contributing factor for why it works.

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  2. That is breath taking. And the blue around it is the blue sky of a desert morning. This totally captures the spirit of the desert sky. I wish I could wear oranges! Huh, with the blue edging I might be able to pull it off…

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  3. The dark lining works because it calls to mind the dark edges of retreating stormclouds that the light of the sunset would be reflecting off of.

    Is nice work.

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