Monstrous Compendium Ch6 up on AO3

Monstrous Compendium Online Chapter 6,  “Favored Enemies”, is up on Archive of Our Own.


14 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch6 up on AO3

  1. >
    “You hardly challenged the players with an impossible foe just to see my reaction, Beniryuu,” Stheno stated. “Why psiwasps?”

    The dragon’s laugh rumbled like thunder. “Why not?”
    And considering this is a dragon saying it, we can take this is mean literally anything.

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      1. Would some of those Nasties going to be like groups that mimic Karrnath, the Dark Lanterns, and gnomes of Zilargo (since with some of them, I’m pretty sure not even Beniryuu is crazy enough to invite them to party – especially the aim to pull this scheme right under their noses) but something that mimics them so the players learn to be weary of certain things . . .

        Or he is simply counting on human nature to produce player groups with basically the same mentality who will hurt down the youkai adoptees for being youkai and people like Kirito for what he can . . . which knowing human nature, if they don’t have already have groups like that, they will soon.

        What and where is Laughing Coffin in this AU? Not saying I miss them but the loonies have been suspiciously quiet / absent.

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  2. Though I’m not sure about the sequence the ‘accidental’ adoption.

    Sure Tae didn’t mean to do it but from what I got, her father let her handle a bloodstone and at some point between the rescue and chapter six it just ‘jumped’ Dynamm?

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      1. Cue Kirito getting even more paranoid. After all, just because the bloodstones normally grab/are used on people that agree to adoption, nothing is saying the things can’t or won’t zap a compatible person who doesn’t want to be adopted.

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      2. >…craaaap. That’s not good. That’s not good at all.>
        It would make sense for Beniryuu to tweak the stones like that.

        After all, it’s noted that adoption alters the mind/soul of the individual to a certain degree. Not mind control or anything but they presumably start thinking in a similar manner to their new species.

        And 10 to 1 the MacGuffin that is getting built in the real Aincrad can only bring over the players bodies as humans. However the people that have become Youkai very likely won’t feel ‘right’ as humans. Trans-species condition I think would be the best term for what they’ll experience.

        Ergo they’ll want to ‘re-adopt’ so as to match their body with what their mind insists is normal. Downside for this is that nobody who does this can ever go home to Earth (assuming the device even gives that option in the first place).

        So Beniryuu’s versions of the bloodstones are intionaly designed to easily convert somebody without meaning to.

        He’s giving Aincrad what it wants in the worst way possible. Lots and lots of highly trained mostly Youkai warriors, mages, shamans etc to help the land survive. Problem is that a large chunk of said new arrivals are going to be rather peeved at the situation. And with no dragon to fillet (I doubt Beniryuu is going to bother sticking around for the fallout after he gets what he wants) the only people they can take out their fury on is Aincrad.

        Which is why the Youkai Lords involved in the game are trying to quietly inform the players about the situation.

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      3. FYI, “Eldritch machines” are flatly stated in the Eberron sourcebooks to be GM plot devices. Kayaba, game-breaking exploits… yeah. 🙂

        And that’s a fairly accurate summation of this mess. Stheno and the others are just beginning to realize how badly this is likely to backfire if they don’t do something.

        What to do, though – that’s going to take cooperation. In more than one world.


      4. >
        In more than one world.
        And like dragons, an author’s words/hints can be taken many ways.

        After all, while the Aincrad of SAO and the real Aincrad can be considered two different worlds, there is also the SAO Earth to consider as another possible world in the mix.

        you’ve given us a lot of info about ALO races (meaning ithe game is very likely going to be involved somehow) and such while hinting that Kazuto’s family is going to show up in story. Also that Recon would pull an oops with magic somehow.

        It’s not paranoia when they ARE out to get you….
        When you notice that the bloodstones start moving towards you whenever your back is turned, it’s time to get out the sledgehammer and dispel scrolls.

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