Kabaneri Fluffbit – Make a Deal

The Hunter huffed a breath. “Our deal was, you let us on board for a way out of Kongokaku. We’re out. And a lot of your bushi aren’t happy with us. What do we need to do to earn our keep to the next station?”

Mumei blinked. The way Uryuu was shifting on his feet, more than he needed for wind or rail-vibration-

He thinks the Koutetsujou would throw them off. Alone. Wounded. Without any help.

Two weeks ago, she would have thought that too. What use was a Hunter, or a Kabaneri, who couldn’t fight?

The Koutetsujou is different.

“There are limits to what we can do for your men.” Ayame was watching the Hunter, intent as Kurusu about to deliver a never-seen-before strike. “We were able to restock supplies at Iwato Station so everything would look normal, but with the refugees from Kongokaku…. We can probably refill water at a tower or river. Other supplies will be tight. We have some medicine, and we have people who’ve learned to treat wounds.” Violet eyes met hazel-gold. “But if you have any of the virus and poisons Biba’s men used on the shogun’s audience, they need to be destroyed.”

“Lousy way to die,” Uryuu muttered, after a long stare. “I had anyone carrying that junk ditch it before we drove for the station. Last thing we needed was someone cutting themselves by accident.” He straightened. “If you want our weapons, I want my men protected-”

“We’ll check your weapons,” Ayame cut him off. “Once we’re sure they’re clear, you get them back.”

That stopped him again. Mumei leaned on the rail, interested. This was a fight like Kajika in the market; words and intent, not bullets.

Ayame’s stronger than she looks.

“Most of your men are injured, but some of them can still shoot,” Ayame went on. “We can’t isolate and protect any of the cars, there are too many people on the Hayajiro. We need steam rifles in every car, and people who know how to use them. If you want to stay in a car away from those of Kongokaku, then help defend it.”

From the way Uryuu’s eyes widened, Ayame had pinned him in a very nasty hold. Interesting. What had he been expecting? The Hunters were trained, the Koutetsujou needed every steam rifle they had, it wasn’t like they were idiot townsfolk who’d cheer the Hunters one day and shut the gates the next-

The Koutetsujou… aren’t townsfolk anymore.

Mumei hugged herself in Ikoma’s cloak, feeling oddly adrift. But if they’re not townsfolk, and not Hunters – what are they?

Well. They were hers. And if Uryuu crossed them, he’d find that out the hard way.

12 thoughts on “Kabaneri Fluffbit – Make a Deal

  1. First heard of this show here and thought it sounded interesting. Unfortunately, my computer is acting up and I have a hard time watching anything on it. Long story short, I spent some weeks trying off and on to find a way to watch this show on a mobil device before giving up and wrestling with my computer for two days before finally finding a way to watch it on mobil before binge watching the entire thing in one sitting. Absolutely worth it. I love steampunk already and can’t find nearly enough (good) stories placed in that type of setting. I love the deep characterization interspersed with enough action to keep things interesting/moving. And (this one’s going to sound a bit weird) I loved the personality of the main character. The determinator type has always been one of my favorites. They play out really cool. One thing surprised me, though, I found myself reminded of One Piece a lot. Many of the things I enjoy in One Piece, were also present in Kabaneri. Definitely not a bad thing, but absolutely an unexpected one.

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    1. … I think what I was trying to say was, ‘thank you for pointing me towards a good anime’ and ‘looking forward to more bits of this story’ but this was posted at 1ish in the morning so coherence was not a thing I had. Rambling, OTOH…

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    2. I haven’t seen One Piece, though I’ve read some fanfics. Notably a crossover on Fanfiction.net where Sanji and a sword-wielding idiot hit Soul Society… That one was fun. 🙂

      Glad to point out a good show. 🙂


      1. Would absolutely recommend One Piece as a fun and humorous story (except when it’s not cause ooooohhhwheee, that’s rough. Fortunately that’s pretty rare). I think that’s the only anime I’ve ever seen that level of ridiculousness take itself that seriously and not be reduced to a farce. Only start it if you have an abundance of free time, though. Beware the 4kids version. Unless you’re looking for a flaming wreck of an example on how NOT to do localization. Then 4kids One Piece is your golden standard. Also amusing. In a ‘pull your hair out at what was done to this poor innocent story’ kinda way.

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      2. Don’t know if it’s available for anything else, but if you have an apple mobile device, you can download an app called KissAnime and watch it there. It’s actually how I finally managed to watch Kubaneri and the Iron Fortress.

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      3. Oh, I don’t know…. I rather like watching English cartoons in French. A foreign language really smooths over awkward voice acting and dialogue ^_^. (Also makes better background noise for working, I find).

        The French version of How to Train Your Dragon: Race to the Edge is quite nice, for example. They gave several of the non-comedic characters proper Norse names, and Hiccup is … less nasal and helpless-sounding.

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  2. Huh. Did you mean to put Mumei/the Koutetsujou through the same mental gymnastics as Ikoma gets in canon? Neither fish nor fowl, but eternally in between.

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