Post-NaNo Update: Edits, Round 3


In this corner, the writer, still reeling from the last two rounds of bloody edits and fighting through sticky fight scenes, but determined. In the opposite corner, fans, the second draft of Seeds of Blood, coming in at a whopping 119K words….

Yeah, I had to look at that number twice myself. Chasing the characters through two weeks of havoc just takes a lot more wordcount than following 24 hectic hours. Go figure.

The last two rounds of edits were to cut unneeded words, try to clarify phrasing, and fix up Problem Spots in the Draft. I think I have all the big Problems fixed now, meaning in this round I want to cut words that look unneeded now, clarify imagery, and work in stuff to foreshadow all the Chekhovs that go off in the big final fight. I currently anticipate needing to do 3 more full drafts, then it’s format and get cover time.

Five pages and 50 words, down!

…Now I just need to keep this up through the rest of the 227 pages. In 10-point. Meep.


9 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Edits, Round 3

  1. Yay! Progress hath been made! 119k words of awesome, a definite achievement. Thanks for the update and thanks for sticking with it even though RL is using you as a piñata.

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    1. 🙂 It’s a goal. And a promise to myself. After all, every book I get out there is one more people might find gets them through their own rough spots.

      (And if I can sell more books, I can get more manga and anime… Crunchyroll, put out the Kabaneri DVD soon!)


  2. I’ve read enough fan-fic to the point where I have a better idea how long it takes me to read something when the length of the book is given to me in word count rather then pages. And few things more excite me literary-wise then a 100k word complete work by an author I enjoy reading…

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    1. Easier, but difficult in a different way. I find I can only edit about 5 pages in any one session before my eyes start sliding off the words. So I can’t do one marathon editing session on any given day. I have to break it up into multiple pieces with something different in between them to make real progress.


  3. I can’t even imagine your work ethic. I could never write an original novel in a timely fashion if this is what it takes.


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