Earring Tales: Jade Gold

Yes, I’m very fond of green.


The pale diamonds are a bead color called “Snowflake”. I have no idea why, given it’s a very pale green.

I was poking through colors to see if any interesting combinations fell together, and I came up with these three greens and marigold. (A silver-lined, slightly orange yellow.) Next to the greens the marigold looked – well, golden, so I figured this would create a nice, classy look. And it did… I was just wracking my brains for a while as I was putting it together, trying to figure out what this combination of green colors and gold reminded me of.

I was halfway through the first one when it hit me: jade. Classic jade colors, green and almost-white. The lined beads even give a bit of the fibrous mineral look. Neat!

So I’m very happy with how these came out. Because gold and jade are just a lovely jewelry combo.   🙂

Jade Golden earrings.


9 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Jade Gold

  1. I have a random question for you:
    Have you, per chance, ever heard about the anime/light novels ‘Twelve Kingdoms’ by Fuyumi Ono?

    If not, you might get a kick out of it. It’s basically a ‘school girl taken to a magical land’ plot-line, but with a not-so-nice (depending on who you ask) flare of *r e a l i s m* to it.
    i.e: No, the world is not a nice place.
    i.e: Yes, not knowing the world and culture can potentially lead to Bad Things. Yes, people can be evil to each other without having to be the major Big Bad. Sometimes life just bites. Hard. With lots and lots of teeth – sometimes literally.

    It’s more Political Intrigue than your usual More Dakka stories, but it’s Political Intrigue done -w e l l- and I think that might appeal to you.
    That, and character development. You can practically see the milestones the hero (Yoko) reaches over time as her whole world view is shattered and rebuilt over and over again as she grows as a person.

    Also: True Companions! Maybe not there all the time, but they’re there when it counts. You get some sweet, if unintentionally awkward moments due to Yoko being oblivious to certain things ^.^

    …sorry if this got a bit long. It’s hard trying to just pin down the highlights and I know I didn’t do it justice.

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    1. Seconding the recommendation. The Twelve Kingdoms is a great series.

      AFAIK Tokyo Pop only managed to translate 5 of the novels, and they muffed the typesetting on the hardcover edition of the fifth, but they’re worth getting.

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      1. Wait, they translated a fifth one? When did this happen? I only found four! Which one is it?


      2. Ah, you’re right.

        Sorry, I think I have an extra copy of one on my bookshelf, and the visual memory of five book spines was throwing me off.

        mea culpa!


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