Post-NaNo Update: Added Foreshadowing

Hah! Take that, you dratted bunny that showed up in the final fight scene! I have you foreshadowed now!

…Er. *Sweatdrop* A little explanation, yes….

I may have mentioned once or twice (or a dozen times, who’s counting) that the final fight scene in Seeds of Blood was much arrrrrrgh to write. Part of that argh was coming up with “How can the Big Bad be held off a few seconds at a critical moment?”

Well, as I was trying to figure out by poking stuff on Amazon if there was a way to make a holy oil dispenser-at-a-distance, I ran across something… completely different.

Very, very different. Something I didn’t even know existed. Something Myrrh wouldn’t have known existed at the start of this book – because it didn’t, about 20 years ago. Something I stared at, and blinked, and reread the description to be certain they were serious. Then looked it up on Wikipedia to check all the uses for it.

(And in the process found a sort-of related item that will also come in very, very handy.)

So. There was a potential solution to my problems. I jumped in full speed ahead and wrote it, and with a little more wrestling the fight scene was finally finished.

Now, on my third run-through, I’ve hit the perfect spot to foreshadow that particular item – by having a more modern character use it in an interesting spot. Where the particular properties of that item would very much come in handy!

I might want to foreshadow it or the related new thing again later, but the mention is in. Whew!


6 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Added Foreshadowing

  1. Weee! That sounds fun! Also, now it’s totally plausible that the Big Bad can’t counter it because odds are he hasn’t heard of it either.

    And I’m now completely curious.

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  2. I see that the bunnies are as ferocious as always. It seems like most of the ‘Aaarg!’ is over now, so woohoo!

    But whatever it is, that sounds interesting! Post-Modern Magic is one of my favourite tropes, and we already know that Steven has managed to do things with computers and pre-recorded chants. Myrrh with new and exciting things though? Heh, Hell is either going to be horrified or have one massive headache, to say nothing of the poor Big Bad who ends up on the wrong side of it. Possibly amused or inspired in the case of Aariel…

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    1. Now it’s go through and tighten up the wording, then go through again and pick apart everything to make sure a reader can “see” the scenes as well as possible. 🙂

      And Aariel will be amused, inspired, and have a terrible headache….

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      1. Fortunately for whoever is using it, Aariel’s the kind of enemy who seems like he respects people who are innovative with what’s at hand.

        I’d honestly be more worried about whoever is using it if they were/are using against someone like Steven who can’t stand losing at all…

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