Monstrous Compendium Ch8 bit – Feathers

“Lisbeth ended up on a quest like that about ten levels down. It was a leannansidhe, not a demon, but it was still a nasty fight.”

“Fairy versus smith? Ouch,” Tae said gleefully.

Smith seemed to catch Kirito’s attention. Asuna wasn’t surprised. If it’d been that desperate a fight, Kirito’s sword could probably use some maintenance-

Eeep. “Kirito, stay still,” Asuna said firmly, lifting her hand. “There’s something in your hair….”

“Don’t touch it!” Kirito caught her wrist, black eyes wide with alarm. “I don’t know if all the venom was discharged!”

“You put… of course you did.” Asuna glared at him. “What were you thinking?”

Issin choked on his cocoa. “How the hell’d you even do it?” He coughed, and shook his head. “I’ve had to patch people up after a few stunts. The system doesn’t care where poison hits you. If it’s on your body, it’s on your skin. If you’re immune, the dose just fizzles. If you’re not… why are you not a statue?”

“It’s not in my hair.” Kirito set his empty cup down, and headed for the bathroom.

Listening hard, Asuna caught the sounds of water running.

“Kayaba stiffed us,” Klein said quietly. “It’s not a resurrection. Just a revival – if you get it to someone in a ten-second time limit.”

Oh. Oh, no wonder. “Then we still don’t know,” Asuna said, horrified. “We could be dying in the real world. We probably are.”

“Who – what-” Klein’s jaw dropped, and he swore. “Oh man. I didn’t even think of that.”

“Think of what?” Dale frowned. “Come on, guys, make sense… oh.”

Issin nodded, grim as death. “If a revival only works for ten seconds, then… after that, there’s probably nothing to revive.” His ears twitched, just as Asuna heard the faint squeal of a faucet being turned off. “Heads up.”

Kirito looked a little better. His messy hair was swiped mostly back from his face, damp black threaded with a few tufts of near-black that cast back glints of dark green and violet.

Asuna sucked in a breath, finally recognizing them without the dull paste of venom. “You put cockatrice feathers in your hair?”

“…Not exactly.”


23 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch8 bit – Feathers


    I don’t know a lot about d&d so I don’t really know what Kirito could have done but it will no doubt be cute.

    (Does anyone know a way to get into d&d when you’re the only one interested?)

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    1. I bought the books a couple of years before I found a group, though that was back when 2nd ed was all the rage. My local gaming store does library nights and game nights for new people too, you might want to check out if yours does too.

      I don’t suggest looking online, unless you really have an idea what you’re looking for.

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      1. From the stories I’ve heard, looking for an RL gaming group is at least as bad as looking for one online. And at least with the online one, you don’t have to physically go to anyone’s house or invite them to yours, so there’s less physical risk involved if the group is really bad. Also, more options available as you can just keep looking until you find a good group, unlike the physical version where there may only be a couple groups within reasonable range of travel.

        On the other hand, you can’t use any of the normal physical cues to guess if the group is bad beforehand, and it might take some time to spot what’s going on, as the online versions can more easily hide subtle badness.

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    2. I’d suggest Giant in the Playground ( They have a play-by-post forum and the community is quite active.
      They’re also usually quite happy to help newbies out with questions.

      The only drawback is that play by post games are usually very slow, though some groups also look for players for their groups using other mediums such as Skype + roll20.

      It’s worth a look at least if you’re interested and can’t find a RL group locally.

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  2. Oh, Kirito, what did you DO?!! I hope it’s not something you’re going to regret later…(who am I kidding, SAO is made of ‘I’m going to regret this later’)

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  3. … Cockatrices feathers in place of hair… the only thing I know of like that are Grafts, which as a variety of magic item require a crafter, or the 3rd/3.5th ed. Geomancer Prestige Class’ Drift ability… I mean- fluff for the Drift ability states it can happen in Druids and Rangers who spend literal years living as hermits, but that – and that Prestige Class – seem… mildly unlikely for Kirito who’s probably still progressing down Moonsword.

    To borrow a common sentiment from Asuna and Stheno: What did the scruffy little Raven with more guts than sense do this time?

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    1. Kirito is a near hermit, and the Eldritch Machine makes things that happen slowly in Eberron happen quickly.

      He is already doing some crafting, so more is not impossible, and if Moonswords have some odd ability, he is likely to discover it first.

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      1. Hmmm… possible candidates:
        Stheno, Yui, the dragon librarian, Lisbeth, Zack, Aeris, Cloud, Grandma Tiger… not sure if she met Vincent.

        Most likely candidates are Stheno and/or Vincent; Tetsutora would rather shred her enemies (I think), and the others aren’t close enough to His Scruffyness.

        Stheno – cockatrice feathers are an obvious connection, but I’d like to think you’re subtler than that 🙂

        Sneaky, solos the inhospitable parts of Aincrad and not above taking any and all advantage he can beg, borrow or steal – Vincent has been snagged by the bad guys once.

        And Crazy-prepared is a MO of canon-Kirito. He’s Level 96 as of Level 75, and solos the Front Lines. He wouldn’t be alive if he wasn’t.

        Yeah. Vincent Valentine.

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      1. … TBH, I wouldn’t be very impressed at the survival skills of critters that thought cockatrices smelled like prey…

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  4. Probably did something very clever and possibly dangerous to pull off the feathers thing . . .

    Because I don’t think he has a cockatrice living in his hair or something. Through I’m sure the chicks like nesting in his hair, it just isn’t practical for anything but lying still and letting the bird and yourself get comfortable.

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