Post-NaNo Update: Halfway Point

Halfway through this round of edits. The nature of the most plentiful monsters in the story has been revealed. A reporter has been rudely introduced to the reality of what some of these things will do if they get the chance. Now there’s a partial clean-up.  It’s not pretty.

Neither are some of the reactions – to both the supernatural mess and the people who tried to stop it.

Which is unfortunately how people roll. Try to tell someone a situation they think is under control is actually hazardous to their health and they might have to do something drastic? That’s… not going to go over well. At all.

And here is where various people may have to sit on Myrrh – who is, in many ways, the supernatural equivalent of the geek stuck with the IT Help Desk. Fix a supernatural problem? Sure, right on it. Explain to the average user a hundred-odd times why you actually need to have the computer hooked to the Internet – or worse, plugged in?

Yeah. Messy.

At least a lot of the cops have now seen up close and personal what does and doesn’t work. On this set of monsters.

(Myrrh has, of necessity, been covering a lot of sets of monsters. The depth of the field of potential suspects is daunting.)

It was fun figuring out what mundane clues to leave behind, BTW. Because once they put it all together, the modern-day characters will have a taste of just how hard it is for a Hunter to ID exactly what they’re dealing with. Which goes a long way toward explaining why most Hunters go for overkill. After all, if you’re not absolutely sure what measures will contain what you’re dealing with… better to go for the kill. Otherwise, odds are, it’ll eat you.


8 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Halfway Point

  1. Sometimes rude introductions to reality are the only way to make it stick.

    Funny story in the ‘people don’t always react logically’ vein: about six months ago we had a guy who was upset that he was able to bond out of jail. Not that he was not able to bond out. Not that he had to pay money instead of being just straight up released. Just that he was able to get out in the first place. So, obvious reaction, he decided to crash his car into the jail. Only he missed a little. Not the building, exactly, but he was aiming for the jail in the next county over. Yes, there was alcohol involved. And maybe other intoxicants, not ruling out anything at this point.

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  2. You know there has been something of a movement that to be frank annoys me, the changing of classic bad guys to just misunderstood. I mean i get that it alllows for more stories to be told but it also has contributed to some loss of the culture that came from that. Maleficent was just misunderstood. I dunno. Call me nuts but even if there are mitigating circumstances(at least not to the point of justifying it like self defence) the guilty person is just that. Guilty.

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    1. An Undertale AU fancomic has a great confrontation about half way down this – – page where Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster are confronted with a bad guy who’s just doing it ‘because’.

      I miss (story) villains like that. And I hate it when people try to justify evil. I don’t care if your parents didn’t hug you enough as a child, you killed eighty people in two days.

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